Friday, February 26, 2010

Asther Sarge Kaur

Shit, I can't believe I am going to say this, but I think I miss 'Asther Sarge Kaur'. I think, the only reason I don't approach her because I am worried. You know ? When ever I meet her, she always talks about korean stuff. I get bored. I don't want to meet people and just talk about korean stuff. I mean like, KOREA KOREA KOREA KOREA. Gaaaahhh!
I DO love korean stuff, but, get bored since I miss the old times :'(
Suddenly I feel like I miss her. Like, the times where she helped me at Genting, the times at school in standard 2 where we talk about,... what is the drama, Philippine drama ?? The title is,.. [OMG! I CAN'T BELIEVE I STILL REMEMBER THE OST OF THE DRAMA GAHAHHAHA!] "Secreto De' Amor" Yes, that is the title of the drama. HAHAHA! :p Oh wait! Is it SPAIN ? Idk. Can't remember >__<"
Anyways, I wanted to say I MISSED YOU!
Sorry for not approving you on FB. Okay, I admit that I created excuses but seriously the first time you added me, I didn't receive it. So I don't know.
Wish I could be friends with you like the old days when we were 9 ? or 8 ?! lol. But now, you're too wild. You know everybody in school. So hard to talk to you.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

more to go

remember my last post ??

1. phone inbox
2. my blog
3. my myspace
4. my facebook

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 ?

Sometimes I think people just want me to delete my;

1. phone inbox
2. my blog
3. my myspace
4. my facebook

by purpose.

It was not by accident. They do it purposely.
And I am not being dramatic. It's the truth.
I just know.

Just wait, I already did the first one.

I am not writing this just to make you feel pity. Like I already said,
I don't want your pity. I hate your pity.

I do this because I had nobody to tell.
And that makes me feel depressed.

Like what L.D says,
Frustrated... Depressed...I have no strength...You ?

It may seems fake, but it's real. I am tired of faking.
I am tired to keep on living in this fake atmosphere
I seriously have no strength.

Wait, what's depressed again ?


Monday, December 21, 2009


I hate my phone inbox!
My friends are such a bitch!
I hate them!
I wanna go to another school!
f f f f!!
I hate them! I hate them!
My so called best friend is such a stupid fuck hypocrite!
I hate her! I hate everybody!!!!!!!!

I wanna move out. I don't want to see them ever again in my life.
I am hurt help me.
Naah, It'll just waste your energy because I am too shy to tell you anything.
But at least I need somebody to ask me if I am okay.
Nobody ever ask me that.

Sometimes I feel that there is no more love in my life.

It was hard, but easy


Today, I woke up. I went down and waited for my favorite drama Landscape in My Heart and Love and Obsession. But it's over. The drama's over! NOO! Tak sempat tengok ending! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! So, just wait until 9:30 and watch Reversal of Fate. Tu pon tak sempat tengok macam mana ibunya jumpa anaknya. Alaaahhhh!! Nak CD!!!

Hehehe, spoiled brat xp

Today, I edited some more pictures for my blog and flickr :D

See ? lol

I like editing stuff. Pictures, BG, Videos, name it :)

Angah Sunny wants me to edit a picture for his MS bg. It's hard but also easy.
Here it is,

Just how he wanted it to be. Yeah.
I'll update more later. Ciao.

Che Gu suka main bola

Masam Masam Manis, P.Ramlee's

P.Ramlee as a Teacher

*Che Gu masuk kelas*
*Che Gu writes on the board*

'Che Gu suka main bola,'
'Hari2 Che Gu main bola'

*Che Gu speaks up;*

"Baik murid-murid, Che Gu nak kamu semua ulang ayat ayat ini. Mula dari Ahmad bin Hanif"

*The students all repeats the sentence until the eighteenth kid*
*While they were reading the sentence Che Gu went to his table and fall asleep* [LOL]

*The eighteenth kid says;*

"Che Gu suka main bola,"
"Hari hari Che Gu...."
"Suka Tidur"
"Che Gu suka tidur, (points at the teacher), mari kita main"

*All of the students;*
*starts playing*

*The headmaster enters the class*
*Saw the teacher sleeping*
*Went to the teacher*
*Wakes him up*

*Che Gu,;*
"Hey! Saya suruh kamu baca....ahhh"

*The headmaster;*
"Che Gu, mari ikut saya ke pejabat"