Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mom boorim chigo ooluh bwado wehlobgo

i have so much to talk about :) well, not so much
long time no see...

anyway, Uda's bald :D haha. so funnay! he's bald because the teacher at school cut his hair and it turned out "tobek". so Uda went to the barber shop to repair it. the barber said the only way to repair it is.... BALD! so yea, he's bald. so funny! HAHAHA!
mak was about to complain to the teacher. lol.

i finished my geo work until chapter 10 already... woohooh! 6 to go :D still, it'll take such a long time to do that freaking thing.

guess what Aqilah ?? i read Along's blog. it sounds sad because where he is right now and all. he must have miss Nenek so much and Mak too. the way he writes was all like *sad sad sad*.
he post something about us too!
you know the picture of us that he was editing that day, yeah that picture.
he post it there and writes,
"my sister farah & cousin aqilah…

these two girls are currently crazy over korean-pop ‘lengchais’ :p"

i think its cute! haha, AQILAH! don't tell him that i read his blog. keep it as a secret.

i got new friend! Syikin :) she rides the same bus im riding. i feel fine now :D

what more ??


f*ck man! G-Dragon is so hot in here!!!!
don't you agree ???

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Try watching these

A song belongs to Kim C

Here, the lyrics :

biwa nunmureun neomu darmasseo neomuna darmasseo
seulpeojil ttaemyeon saenggangnaneunge neomuna darmasseo
wieseo araero heureuneun geotkkaji
*biwa nunmureun neomu darmasseo neol neomu darmasseo
nunmulmajeodo yeppeuge heulleo baldeungeul jeoksigo
janghwaga neomu jal eoullineun geotdo
usani neomu jal eoullineun geotdo
**geunyeoreul anayo geunyeoreul anayo
naneun geunyeoreul jal algo isseoyo
geunyeoreul bondamyeon geunyeoreul bondamyeon
nae mareul ihaehage doelgeoyeyo
nan geunyeoege puk ppajyeotjyo
biwa nunmureun neomu darmasseo neomuna darmasseo
oeroul ttaemyeon saenggangnaneunge neomuna darmasseo
mareugo namyeon sarajineun geotkkaji
bioneun nal ureobon jeogi innayo
sarangeul hamyeon geureol sudo itgetjyo
sarangi ondamyeon sarangi ondamyeon
geunyeoreul naege kkok bonaejuseyo
sarangeul mitnayo sarangeul mitnayo
geunyeoman gidarigo isseulgeyo
nan geunyeoege puk ppajyeotjyo
bioneun nareul johahaneun geotkkaji


and this one too,

He is a good singer :D

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fish Head Guy

I just read Aqilah's blog. You know what ? Adi's cheesy but cute! Haha, and Yong with her American accent. So funny. At last she's onlining.

Today's a busy day. I woke up and did my geo work and then had to help out downstairs because of the open house thingamajig.I also chat with Aqilah just now. We talked about how we are truly cousins because we both like something that has to do with pelvis. It's because, she likes watching guys touching their pelvis while I like guys who does the pelvic thrusts thing. So hot lah wey.

Anyways, 45 guys datang just now. Aqilah, what a question! "Ada hot guys ?" So lame. haha. MESTI LAH ADA! hahaha. Just kidding. Aqilah told me to watch Wonder Boys - Genie. Gila cute sial! Taemin and MC Mong and Taecyeon. MY FAV! But I like Taecyeon, Woo Young, Kim Key and MC Mong more than others lah :D

Comel kan ? kan ?

Try to watch this video, the chinese f4 dancing with his fan :) cute sial

Yeah, I know you guys were like, WTF because he touched something >.<

I don't know what these are, but it sounds so cool...

"Aku meninggalkan segalanya untuk memiliki dia,
Dia meninggalkan aku untuk memiliki segalanya"

and this one,

"Maybe he loves her more than I do,
but that doesn't mean that I love her less"

or this one,

"If I can't have her,
than nobody will ever have her"

or this,

"If she can't be mine,
than she has to be gone"

Woa, deep meanings.

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Jikka Jikka Shi Ga Nu Khul Lo To

It is 1:05 a.m of Saturday. I'm listening to It's You by SJ and in 3 minutes, its going to be Eunhyuk's part :) Yeap...
Anyways, what I did was my homework and watch some TV. Its Saturday so I was watching 2 Days and 1 Night. LOL. Lee Sugeun and MC Mong is the funniest man alive. I can't stop watching that show :p

2 Days and 1 Night

Anyways, I have to do laundry just now. I also had to sidai kain. So I hang the kain downstairs first then only I brought it upstairs to sidai it at the balcony. BUT! before going to the balcony, I have to go through Along's room. So, "knock knock". (He locks the door again.) All he said was " kejap kejap" and I waited for like 4 minutes. Questions in my head, "Was he chatting with Sherrin ? or is it the new girl Yasmin?" . Yea, I korek everything. I am a busy body woman. Whatever. His my brother, what do you expect me to do ? Stay out ?! NO WAY! :p At least I don't go all harassing other people's sibling ^__^. Me and Aqilah found about the new girl thingy. Aqilah found about "the new one" and I found out about the name :)

So Pakngah and his family came. Edah left her baju kurung AGAIN! What lah you. And I appreciate Mak Ngah for aggreing with me about me being demam. Poor me *evil smile*. OMG! Eunhyuk's rapping! Haha, I'm listening to Don't Don. and nope, I didn't miss Leeteuk's Pelvic Thrusts. So guess what, I WATCHED IT! OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
*evil laugh*

Aalyaa followed me on this blog. So I guess she read my blog and found out I'm a Pelvic Thrusts pervert. What did she say ??? (I think she went all "eeww, Farah!" Just like how Aqilah did :D)

Gosh, I miss Aqilah and Edah. I miss Edah's noise and Aqilah doing the pelvic thing in U. So funny. Can't believe she tried that just to know how it felt. -.-

I can feel the atmosphere I want,
Me, Kila and Edah in a room. Edah nagging about being in America and Aqilah watching videos and practicing the dance and Me being WTH is going on here ??!

I feel like calling Nenek Andak. Poor her. She told me to come to KL and stay with her for a few days. She;s lonely. Usually she'll come here and be a korean maniac with Nenek. Now, she have no friend. Plus, Demi's living with her parents dah... Haiih. What a sad sad word.

Oh yea, Aqilah, I searched dekat dictionary(dot)com, I searched the word "Pelvis" and now, I know why you went all "eewwww".

Miane... (I know you hate Malaysian people talking Hangul. HAHAHA!)

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Pelvic Thrusts

Aqilah, can you do these :

oh my god! i'm a pervert!
what to do ?!

i miss my cousins.

again, WHAT TO DO?!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Mak Uda and her family's back at their home.
Just now was funny :) Me and Aqilah was bathing Alina, as usual I was just being sibuk and also be the assistant... Anyways, Mak Uda needs to pee....... (never mind lah, scared Aqilah marah XD). but it was FUNNAY!

Nothing much happen today except my friend told me to listen to DBSK's new song called Shelter. Dengarlah. Agak sedap lah.

But Yunho and Xiah didn't take part in this song. Only Jaejoong and Micky singing in here. But Xiah helped to compose it.

And, I continue to watch We Got Married Kangin & Yoon Ji. I love that couple :)) Aqilah, I swear Kangin and Adi's face is same. Not lying.

I'm listening to Twins (Knockout) by Super Junior. I think Leeteuk's sengau voice is really cute. Don't you ? Sorry, no Kyuhyun in the video. Anyways, I also watched Super Junior's Mini Drama. Horror punya. Comel. Ryeowook jadi gangster. His the gangster leader for Eunhyuk and Donghae. Those three guys are so hot being gangsters. I wish they are the gangsters in my school bus instead having those ugly indian gangsters. Wouldn't it be cool having Ryeowook, Donghae and Eunhyuk in my school bus. Being a hot trio gangsters. I wont mind riding the bus everyday (<3)>.<

Yea, it won't happen.

I'm lonely. Why ah ? Kalau lonely, duduk dalam bilik belajar menari macam Aqilah. Tapi, aku enari pon tak reti, haisshh. Apa nak buat ?? I'm so bored and watching Adi being bored is cute :0 What more ??? O yea, that day we went to Pah Cik's house (for raya of course). Met everybody. kissed Andak and Angah. Really happy to see them again. Now, I'm WAY taller than Andak. Last time I was WAY shorter the her. And meeting Andak's second child was cute!! At first I only saw him in the buaian thingy. I was like, "OMGEE! Which chinese boy is that ???!" (in my head lah). So I asked Angah, "Angah, anak siapa itu ?" she said it was Andak's and I was like "ohh...., okay whatever". And then, I came back and just sit with them. The boy woked up. Andak carried him and again, I was freaking shocked! He doesnt have that chinese face no more. He then looked like a japanese boy! I was like "Ya ALLAH!" and Angah was like "kenapa Arah ??" and I replied, "dia macam budak jepun" and they laughed. But seriously, I like that boy! He's so cute and he's fine with anywhom. So means, I can carry him and he wont cry. Fuyoh, best. Seriously, no joke. I'm gonna call him Miko :p . Michelle gave me that name. She said to use that for my Japanese name. Haha, so me and Muadz going to be Miko :) Wish to meet him again and wish to meet Angah again. Miss them. I forgot to take that Japanese boy's picture lah. Wish I had. hish. Man, I wish for a lot of stuff. Hey, try this, FAST!

I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish,
but if you wish the wish the witch wishes,
I won't wish the wish you wish to wish.

How was it ? fun or annoying. I find it hard.

I found a new cute photo of this hot Monkey :) Well the photo ain't new. But it is cute!!~~

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Disebabkan notice ini : "PS : Is it some sort of new trend to actually own a blog and not update it? I'm curious. Please, start updating, people. I know your lives are much more interesting than mine."

Saya akan menulis serba sedikit tentang sambutan hari raya saya yang telah saya sambutkan selama 4 hari tercampur dengan hari ini sekali.

My first raya, I wore a brown baju kurung and Edah wore a red baju kurung. We went to Nenek and Atuk's kubur with Acu and Auntie Marina. Like normal people, we baca Yassin for them. And then,...... AQILAH came! yeah! We went to Tok Lang's house. Kesian dia dohh. Rumah banjir 1 day before raya. bodoh Hotel Flemington. And the girls went to Starbucks with Pak Uda. Pak Uda met his friends while Edah and Yong was studying, me and Aqilah was being a korean maniac. (we sat separately). We stayed there for like 3 hours. Aqilah and I were watching videos from my phone. She watched Super Junior Mini Drama and she was laughing! and I had to pee. So we went to the toilet. It was disgusting, god dammit. On the way back to Starbucks, ada these guys standing and we were really afraid of them and I was like "nak guna long cut tak ?" and Aqilah dragged me. Yeah, we used long cut. It was funny though. We went home and we slept. It was cool.

Second day of raya: I wore the red blouse. like square square punya. Along suka baju tu. Dia pon nak beli. Gila. Anyway, nothing happen. I dont know what to write. Third day: I wore the green blouse. We went to watch wayang that night. Read it at aqilah's blog. malas nak tulis.

Oh yeah! Mase dekat rumah Tok Lang, me and Aqilah was watching Don't Don. I told Aqilah that I turned into a pelvic thrust pervert tau. I don't know why. I think its hot ! and I love these videos!

like this, you forward until Leeteuk's part. (man! Eunhyuk's and Leeteuk's part was freaking hot!)

and this Don't Don dance by Leeteuk and Eunhyuk

but that video, that skinny Leeteuk was wearing a big top so tak nampak ke-seksian nyer.

jadi watch this one pulak, (macam nak last last tu lah)

hot kan ? hot kan ?

you must love Leeteuk and Eunhyuk <3 style="width: 334px; height: 248px;" src="http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u268/prinzdustin1809/Leeteuk/leeteuk1-3.jpg" alt="" border="0">
i dont care if he's old. he's still hot. and his pelvic thrusts in Don't Don, sexy dohh!

he's actually nice lah. tapi one problem, dia agak kasar pada women.
well at least, dia mengaku ^__^

Hankyung, the hot chinese f4 :D

Yesung, the funny guy. "I collect bugs".. WTF ??

Kangin, dia sweet dohh!!!

Shindong, ???

Sungmin, "bite your lips!!!"

Lee Hyuk Jae!!! ahhhhh!! The hottie dancing machine!!! ahhhhh!!
serious, watch him doing the chest pump thingy, pelvic thrust thingy in U and Don't Don, you'll faint.

Donghae, South Sea, woa. dah tak innocent.

Siwon, betul and orang kaya lah. tapi sweet ~~

Ryeowook, comel.

Kibum, rap lah. sedap.

Super Junior's magnae and Aqilah's boyfriend.

eh, watch this video oh. dah lah the song best pastu video pon best :P
Kim Hyun Joon <3>

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Saturday, September 12, 2009


siapa ni ?~~

nah, ambik gbr ni :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


i watched 2 days and 1 night, hehe funny dohh that show. ade Kang Hodong, Lee Seunggi, Lee Sugeun, MC Mong, Kim C and Jiwon. they are all so freaking funny! esp Lee Sugeun and MC Mong. lol. nah, watch yang nih, ni pon funny jugak ->

that one diorang main ping pong, ade lagi satu
diorang main zombi game. Sugeun was freaking funny! biting Kang Hodong and Lee Seunggi. lol. i can never miss that show.


to : Aqilah

yeap, aku berterima kasih dekat kau sebab tunjuk lagu Sorry Sorry mase dekat kl haritu.


ELF will definitely kill you. they wont care about the song Why I Like U in your blog. muahahahahaha! lol. JK JK...
Oh yea, Mak Long kate Acu no choice, kene tidur dekat hall so kau dan aku tidur dalam bilik aku :) :)
aku jealous gila dekat fan yang actually cakap dengan Eunhyuk! ahhhh!!!
the video yang Key snapping dekat Jonghyun tu, yeap, dia cakap "don't lie" but in a harsh way, almost like a swear. tengok die pout. COMEL!!
cheeh! Kyuhyun kau selamatkan Onew kau jugak!! dua dua kau punya! lol
pokok tu dah mati daun, dah botak tapi dahan dahan masih kuat!
yang gbr gbr yang aku kate aku nak jumpa diorang tu, Eunhyuk dgn Leeteuk hot gila kan ??!! lol
yela, nanti aku call kau :):):)


Friday, September 4, 2009

Stairway to Heaven

i cried and i cried and i cried

my love you'll always be....

just now for sahur i woke up by my self :) set the alarm lah. i woke up at five and went to uda's room to wake him up and then when i opened the door, he was already awake so i said "sahur" and then i went to wake Haziq and Hazim up. waking them up is like waking 20 people up. susah! so i went down and duduk selama 5 minit mak suruh panggil mereka balik. so i went upstairs and wake them up lagi sekali. this time, they are AWAKE! muahahaha. anyways, for sahur mak did burger. i ate two pieces of burger. fats! and then helped mak to wash the dishes because today i tak pergi sekolah :) hehehe. and then, after dishes, i sidai kain. after that, tolong gosok baju uda and then baju Haziq and the sembahyang and then ??? tidur sampai pukul 11:52 pagi. then, mandi mandi and then now.


to: Aqilah

lol, of course lah kau tak mati. haiish...
oh yea, cars, get your wipers ready. lol...
miss you more lah gila!!
why you tak suka Leeteuk ?? die hot lah!! his laugh, wooohhhh!!
tell me your wish, pulas je sampai habis. muahaha.
Pangako Sayo, yea ingat ingat!! and then bila cerita tu nak ending that show suruh kita undi, Ara and Justin ke Ara and Christian. i vote Christian sampai habis credit. that miskin girl we like is Mary Ann. kesian dia dalam cerita tu. dulu sampai gaduh dengan Adlan sebab dia nak tgk cerita lain, kita berdua nak tengok cerita Pangako Sayo. lol, Good Times.
Raya, you tinggal lah dalam bilik aku!!! macam mane pon olders tak leh halau perempuan sebab kita orang perempuan! kalau acu guna bilik aku pon, kita tidur lah luar. tengok Winter Sonata ke, Stairway to Heaven ke, Save Your Last Dance For Me ke... ape ke...
I cant wait for Raya too and hang out with youuu...
yeap, Youtube, A MUST!! Dancing, just dance!! then try Mirotic sampai macam orang gila. and then watch korean movies and cry like maniacs, go shopping, cam-whoring, video recording... and so on!!

the video, aku dah tengok dah. gila cute

Eunhyuk : This summer-..
Sungmin : I want to play at the beach!
Eunhyuk : This summer-
Sungmin : I want to play at the beach!
Eunhyuk : This summer-..
Sungmin : I want to play at the beach!
than Eunhyuk snapped him!
Eunhyuk : (die tak cakap "this summer" dah) I MUST MAKE A SNOWMAN!

kau dah tengok video yang aku bagi tu ? yang 8eight punya lagu tu, lagu yang bagi aku nangis tu ???

kalau dah, tengok ni pula :)
(read the description kalau nak paham)

and this one!!

your boyfriend Onew, he fainted during performing. and then you can see Eunhyuk dengan siapa tah bangun sebab terkejut. woohhoo!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

kiss me darling, kiss me, kiss me tonight

school is tiring. like agama, the teacher isnt there (because she gave birth) so why do we have to go to the agama room lagi ?? its so far away, tiring!!!! then SIVIK, why do we have to go down ????!!! ENGLISH, why do we have to do oral ?!! in just one day we have to make sentences and then dialogue and then hafal ke english teacher ? cannot lah!! how do you expect us to find a title and then make dialogue and the perform ? for who is good doing that, lucky lah. for the ones who is stage fright ke crowd fright ke ape ke, MATI la die !!

kiss me darling, kiss me, kiss me tonight, my love will be

love love that song. yea, i admit the song is kinda weird. but believe it or not, the singer is the hot actor who acted as the hero in korean Stairway to Heaven. damn that show is sad. Aqilah bila kau datang Taiping nanti kau dan aku tengok cerita korea yang kita berdua suka ya. tengok sampai pukul 5. pagi macam Nenek buat dulu. lol so funny.

the Jambu tree which is my housemark is dead! D-E-A-D! its bald! really bald. look!


what more ??

the KENAPA session :

1. kenapa kene pergi sekolah ?
2. kenapa kene dengar ape orang tu cakap ??
3. kenapa kene ade homework yang banyak tak terhingga ??
4. kenapa aku tak ada kampung yang udaranya segar??? fuuh!
5. kenapa lagu 8eight tu punya video sedih gila ??
6. kenapa angah Saniy tak boleh balik untuk bukak puasa dengan family ?? bodoh punya principle...
7. kenapa ada bende such as "thirsty" ??
8. kenapa kenapa kenapa ???

farah2kuno@yahoo.com loves you all.


watch watch watch!!

aku dengar lagu ni tadi sebelum pergi sekolah. dia ade dekat MTV Asian Takeaway.
i dont like the song, just watch the video. do what you want lah asalkan tengok video.
gila sad dohh!. i even cried just now. hehe.

saranghae ♥!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


this blog is not private. everybody can read.

Aqilah!~ my new account just for you to comment. haha! okay, i sound freaky. i am a freak. i'm eating cheesy wedges. tak larat lah nak habiskan. oh yea, PICK UP YOUR PHONE!!

anyways, i want to meet them!

but i want to meet my cousin, Aqilah more and right now.

i have so much to talk about with you and maybe with Edah around in the room. kau dan aku buat convo while Edah is being vain. uuuu, i can feel the atmosphere. ahh, stupid.

Along came back that Saturday. i don't know if he was doing a surprise comeback ke ape but when the bus was at the tol only he called Abah. then we bukak puasa di rumah Opah.

i don't know why but i like to talk. talk talk talk. plus my classroom pon has been the "kelas terbising" sepanjang 2 minggu lepas. and all the teacher say is "ape yang kamu nak cakapkan ? tak habis habis cakap. jumpa setiap hari. nak cakap apa lagi ??" i found the answer !!
we always talk when we meet each other because we find another cool stuff during the night time. thats why the convo between us cannot finish just like that!

test paper dah keluar. boleh tahan lah. not as bad as before.

the "why" session :

i feel thirsty. these cheesy wedges makes me thirsty. why ?
why i like Eunhyuk so much ? why ?
why i like Leeteuk so much ? why ?
why i miss so many things ? why ?
why suddenly i'm not friendly anymore ? why ?
why i hate that person ? why ?
why do school have oral test ? why ?
why i miss you ? why ?
why "why" ? why ?

bye bye,