Friday, November 27, 2009

i just want to say

Thursday, November 26, 2009


SAM's moving :(
to U.S.A

raya haji

raya haji's tomorrow. angah saniy's coming back today. haziq have been making kuih raya since this morning. why weren't him like this last raya ? gee. hehe

i don't know what i should feel. happy or plain, just plain ? because, i don't know what's the reason to be happy for and also what's the reason to be plain for.

ahhh! my ear's better! woohoo!

i'm in love with this picture. it looks so calm!
i tried my very hard to put it as my BLOGSPOT's background. seriously, before this i don't even know a thing about blogspot's background. hehe.
i didn't even try for Eunhyuk's photo xp

calm isn't it ?

im off to watch IRIS.
my bestfriend is there, bingu TOP.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

dance or excersise ?

i think i should do some excersise now. i'm getting really fat and my face is getting really bloated. i actually really want to learn how to dance but i get shy very quickly, even in front of a person i shouldn't feel shy to.

raya is within 3 more days. i should go on a diet to make it look good with my new short hair :D hehehe. gosh, i think i ate too much. my stomach hurts but i only ate one bowl of rice. not even a plate of them but just a bowl.

i really wanna come to KL and meet with YOU and nenek andak. why the hell do i have this thing about riding a public transport. isk.

i've been wathing Family Outing lately. Lee Hyori, Yoo Jae-Suk and Kang Daesung are hella funny gag-human esp Daesung. he's my fav :)
you should watch the part him ordering TOP around. seriously cute!!

i want to look good in pictures. please tell me how. it's like everyone's smile is like this :) but mine is like this :| serious oh, its like that.

oh yeah, have you prayed yet ?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

penang -> KL

i'm so sad. feels like crying :'( my dad's moving to KL. well MAYBE! but, what if it's for real ?? i want Penang! PENANG! i don't care if we live in an apartment. at least they have pool and that place is really cool and cozy. i also love that place. sometimes i wish i live there and not Taiping.

well, lets move to the happy news/story.

last wednesday, my class had our class party. at the end of the day, the five important person in my class(the monitor, assistant monitor and others) made this 'award' thingy. every each of us get a file. first award was 'the artistic girl' which goes to ju wyn and afiqah. that's obvious because they are artistic. anyways, i was like thinking, "what am i getting ?, is it, the most fierce girl or the hot-tempered girl ?" but then i remembered, they don't know that i am a hot-tempered woman. then suddenly, they announced "and the hot-tempered girl goes to..." "FARAH" and i was like "WOOOHH!" jumping and "yes! yes! yes!!" hehe. so i got that award :D The Hot Tempered Girl.
sabrina was actually scared i'd scold them but when she saw i was "yes! yes! yes!" she was "what the heck's wrong with this woman" . hehe. they also played the poison box or whatever it is called. Chew got the poisoned box and had to act like our class teacher. well he wasn't there. (he's taking care of the SPM students, Mrs Ng and Pn Sarina was in our class). Chew acted as him sms-ing. it's true, he does sms a lot during class and Mrs Ng and Pn Sarina was laughing hard. haha.

hey my muslims friends who are reading this. have you prayed zohor?? i haven't and im going too. bye bye. go pray, give thanks to Allah.

Friday, November 20, 2009

in love

isn't he hot ?
but Eunhyuk's cuter :)
they're both so fine.


This is so stupid! Im not in morning session for next year! So stupid!!! Pn Rohani changed it because they say if the lower classes are in evening session, there won't be any prefects. What do I care about prefects! I want to be in the morning session!!! If my class and the first class are in morning session we can at least go to the tution in the evening. But nooo, we have to be in the evening session. Evening session don't have much time lah! ISK! I hope the teachers will change back because I really want to be in the morning session. It's like I've planned everything. Now, my wish to be a hardworking student has all gone. Seriously, evening session can't even finish our homeworks or sleep early. I want to go to school in the morning and study in the evening. Things aren't going as I wish. People, please pray for me. I seriously want to be in the morning session.

Monday, November 16, 2009

if i got you,

i don't need money,
i don't need cars,
girl you're my all

It was awesome but we lost it
It’s not possible for me not to care
Now we’re standing in the rain
But nothin’s ever gonna change
Until you hear, my dear


Taw lau min tien


i am so addicted to those song!! lol.

anyways, YAY YAY YAY!!
next year, 2K1 and 2K2 is on morning session! not evening session!! YAY YAY YAY!
means, i can have more time on studying in the evening and also, i can do my homeworks and can chat with my cousin! omg, i'm so happy!! and then at night, i don't have to sleep late finishing my homework anymore! aqilah, if you're happy that i can chat with you, send a comment here! quick! my school starts at 7:30 am ~ 1:20 pm or 2:00 pm. gosh im so happy :)

i got my form 2 text book already. i got fatin leeyana's book. my enemies book. why can't i buy text book, i don't like secondhand's text book xp i can't write notes on it.

we got 4 more days for school students and 2 more days to spm. spm's candidates, beware. study hard. don't be lazy.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

make up, shake up, break up


today pak ngah went back to perlis. his home. i forgot to give him his daughter's jubah. dammit. anyways, they got their old maid back, bibik reza. she's cool. she actually remembers all of our name! clearly pulak tu.

mak cooked udang galah and some pucuk paku and some sweet sour fish :9

i ate a bit and hurt my finger because of the prawn's tail. it was bleeding. it was delicious though. along just came back. he lost haziq's old phone. it was stolen. since haziq's his best friend, haziq didn't even scold him :p LOL. just kidding.

i watch jokwon and ga in's wgm just know. jinwoon and seulong is sooo freaking cute!! jokwon was like irritating ga in. hehe, poor ga in. anyways, jinwoon and minho and much more korean celebrities had their collage exams last week. jinwoons' was fine so i guess minhos' was fine too. i can't tell because there wasn't any sub for his video. but i can tell through his facial expression. there was only sub for jinwoon's video. jinwoon's hyungs did 'helped' him a bit like if the question is 1,0,-1 ? and if he don't know the answer just pick 3. lol. that was cute. jinwoon seriously resembles his mother a lot!

aqilah put a video of eunhyuk on her blog. hyuk hold hara. dammit. i was like 'grrrr' at first and when i know it's hara i went all 'ahh, nvm, she's my fav too'. they would make a cute couple but,... gee



aqilah chatted with pak ngah yesterday and aqilah said something and wrote 'hehehehehe'
and pak ngah replied 'hehehehe to you as well'. hahahaha!
he said, 'don't you ever 'hehehehe' at me!'. mak ngah laughed.
did you read that ?
don't hehehe at him anymore.

i'm addited to Lee Jun Ki's and U-Kiss' new song :)


Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, November 13

omigawd, today is Friday 13 again! whenever it is FRIDAY and it's THIRTEEN, i get all yay. i don't know why. i love friday thirteen.

most people says that friday is a ghost day and 13 is an unlucky number. why ah ? i love thirteen because my birthday is on feb. 13 and it's on thursday at 9:45 p.m. most of the year, my birthday is on friday. so most of my birthdays are on friday 13th.

i like thirteen not because of SuJu's member and blablabla... its just because ppl says it's an unlucky number and i want to be daring and this year, im even thirteen. it is sort of my favorite number..

this year, almost everyone wish me birthday wish through sms. and most of them says "happy birthday! its friday the thirteen. wait for the ghost" or more. Angah Saniy was the first one to send that.
it makes me laugh even though they were trying to scare me about that movie when it doesn't scare me.

that's why i like friday thirteenth. because ppl try to scare me. lol

and then, thirteen is like a simple number... [to me]

there is also lots of movies by the number of thirteen. like "thirteen ghost" where the guy who acts as Adrian Monk is the main actor and should be the thirteenth ghost and much more movies. i just don't know. do you ?

all right peeps, that's all for today :)

i wish to wish the wish you wish to wish,
but if you wish the wish the witch wishes,
i won't wish the wish you wish to wish.
 i can't believe i memorize that in my head :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let's Go!

I just watched that show this evening and the young team was EUNHYUK!, Lee Wan and Minho.
It's like, they're all hotties man!

Poor Minho. He cried because he looses the game. He thought that he'd disappointed his fans. It was cute though. I mean, he didn't cry that hard. He had a red face, red eyes, red nose. I felt really touched xp. Eunhyuk had to fight with 3 rivals. He lost. He was okay at the first round but the second round he lost. He was like Minho. Red face. They're so cute!


My fever isn't going anywhere. It's still here. All the coughing, sneezing, hot fore-head. Tiredness. Isk. I want maggie. I miss maggie.

Kim Jaedong isn't the host for Star Golden Bell anymore. So sad. He has been the host of SGB for 4 years. The other host, Lee Chayeong cried and Juri, the permanent guest also cried. It was sad.

Seriously, my life is bored. It's like, nothing happened. All I talk about is TV shows. Why can't I have a fun life ?? Geez.

Okay, I'll tell you what I did today.

I woke up at 9:20 a.m out of shock. I went downstairs because there was nothing to do. So I watched the TV. I watched Love and Obsession. I love that show :) The show starts at 9:00 a.m to 9.30 a.m. I got to watch only some of it though. Anyways, after that I went to the kitchen to hang the clothes which Mak left me. They weren't spinning. So I had to lessen the clothes because that washing machine is old. It can't bare to hold heavy clothes. So it was spinning. I went upstairs and had my bath. I went to the computer and checked my YouTube if there were any comments for me to read. Yes there were. So I replied them. Then, went to Blogspot. Checked if Aqilah had updated her blog. Went back downstairs. Hang the clothes. Clean the table of the kitchen. Went back upstairs and since I'm not feeling well, I slept. Until like 4 something. Even though it was raining, I felt like my body was burned. So I can't bare to sleep anymore. I went downstairs and watched the Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2. Eunhyuk was in it!!!!! Damn, he's fine! Hehe. Then, I washed the dishes since my brothers are hopeless. They are really really hopeless. Cleaned the kitchen again. Cleaned the hall. All their uniforms, they just like throw it everywhere. I fell like scolding them but since I can't shout, so what to do ?? Just did it with an not sincerely heart. Took my bath. went back downstairs and watched Iris. Mak called me to eat and washed the dishes again. Seriously don't boys knows how to wash dishes ??? How stupid and then Mak starts blabbering talking as if I haven't done anything yet. She starts blabbering maybe because she saw my my irritated look. It's just unfair. Pfft. Whatever. It can't be helped. What to do. Nothing.

I was sort of angry.
To make me happy again,
I looked at this picture,
I mean like what more??
I can't even talk between girls and girls or whatever they say.
Aku cuma ada happiness dengan cara tak betul.
Because it's all fake around me.
Friends, loves, EVERYTHING... fake.
So, better be happy with things that aren't real than be hurt by the real things.
To me, it's all fake. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!
fake friends, fake whatever!!!

Eunhyuk :)

Even though it's not good to have hope so high, because there isn't any guy who is nice, hot and all stuff. Like Aqilah says, I'll get disappointed but me admiring him is just like,
Oh he's hot. He's so fine. Like that, I don't get my hopes high. So it's just cheeky happiness.
Gosh, I don't know how to say it and I think I shall stop because you're confused right ??.

Any pictures of him for me ??

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

kecik kecik

Wah! Besarnya mulut dan putihnya gigi!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Swine Flue

Jonghyun had it and he recovered. Now, it's Onews turn.

I've been having fever for 2 weeks now, am I getting Swine Flue ??
I'm so scared but usually when I'm having fever, I act cool so I don't have to go to the clinic and have medicine.

The teacher moved the nasyid date closer which is this Wednesday. We didn't even practice a thing. Sheeett laah.

Going to school is fun but I'm too lazy but still have to go so it won't distract my record thingy. Can you believe that SPM's next week ?!! woa and also next week is the last week of school. Yayy :D

I'm so bored and addicted to this picture :D

Ain't he HOT ??
I mean, kalau tak hot pon,
Ain't he CUTE ??!!

Right right ??

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Almost paradise....

I love that song! Kim Joon's in the group!!
He's like the cutest among the F4. =D


f(x)'s new song!

This is the live version though.

Sulli is really really cute! Amber as always, cool boyish style.

I'm really trying my best.
I have no idea what to write.
Oh god -.-


Super Junior-M's new song!!
Blue Tomorrow 到了明天

My dream guy
(ini yang kau nak tau yea)

  1. Cute, hot and everything like Eunhyuk
  2. Innocent like Donghae
  3. Tall and skinny like Kyuhyun
  4. Hot face like Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin, Leeteuk & Siwon
  5. Musician like Sungmin and Zhoumi
  6. Funny like Hankyung
  7. Hotness like Ryeowook
  8. Caring like Leeteuk & Heechul
  9. Agyeo like Sungmin
  10. Lame jokes like Leeteuk
  11. Cute laugh like Hankyungs'
  12. Nice but doesn't know how to show it like Heechul
  13. Strict but doesn't show it like Heechul
  14. Sings like Ryeowook & Kangin
  15. Play piano like Leeteuk and Ryeowook
  16. Play guitar like Sungmin
  17. Blur like Siwon
  18. Cute like Siwon
  19. Warm like Sungmin, Siwon, Eunhyuk and Donghae
  20. Cute like Donghae
That's all.
I was chatting with Aqilah.
I went all =" I miss Tablo."
and she went all he's not that handsome, bla blabla
and said "kau ni, Tablo kahwin kau sakit jiwa"
"Eunhyuk minat minah lain, kau bunuh diri"


I think it's true

And then, I replied back,
"Jom pergi Korea, aku culik Eunhyuk, kau culik Kyuhyun atau Donghae"
and she said "aku culik dua dua"

chinca, I have no idea what to write yall

I want to show you how HOT GUYS looks like



They are hotties.

I freaking love all of Eunhyuk's pictures !

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My first love story

So where was I these past few days ?? No where. I have no idea what to write. Its like, at school I've thought about what to write but then, in front of the screen, all I have are these ???? marks.

Tests are over. Nothing's up at school. All the does now is listening to their mp3 and make noise. I'm sorry but I have this thing about noisy and I have the adult phobia thing so I'm not the kind to meet teachers and stuff.

When are my brothers coming back ?? i miss them. i have nothing to do. I think I might have come to school on these school holidays because I haven't finish my hafazan. Yeah, serves you right you lazy ass.

Did anyone watch Nur Kasih ?? Sarah is being meany. Poor Nur and Adam. I don't have any sympathy on Aliya though. I don't know why.

I listened to why Aqilah's being so mad/annoyed. I think that T is so b*****. I can't get over it.

Is this picture nice ????


Sunday, November 1, 2009


1) God
2) Animal

  • insects
  • bugs
  • snakes
  • birds
  • anything that can fly
3) Adults (adult phobia)
4) Ordering
  • Starbucks
  • Pelita
  • McDonald
  • KFC
  • Kalau boleh semua aku takut
5) The awkward moment
6) Public transport (if I am alone)