Sunday, December 27, 2009

more to go

remember my last post ??

1. phone inbox
2. my blog
3. my myspace
4. my facebook

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 ?

Sometimes I think people just want me to delete my;

1. phone inbox
2. my blog
3. my myspace
4. my facebook

by purpose.

It was not by accident. They do it purposely.
And I am not being dramatic. It's the truth.
I just know.

Just wait, I already did the first one.

I am not writing this just to make you feel pity. Like I already said,
I don't want your pity. I hate your pity.

I do this because I had nobody to tell.
And that makes me feel depressed.

Like what L.D says,
Frustrated... Depressed...I have no strength...You ?

It may seems fake, but it's real. I am tired of faking.
I am tired to keep on living in this fake atmosphere
I seriously have no strength.

Wait, what's depressed again ?


Monday, December 21, 2009


I hate my phone inbox!
My friends are such a bitch!
I hate them!
I wanna go to another school!
f f f f!!
I hate them! I hate them!
My so called best friend is such a stupid fuck hypocrite!
I hate her! I hate everybody!!!!!!!!

I wanna move out. I don't want to see them ever again in my life.
I am hurt help me.
Naah, It'll just waste your energy because I am too shy to tell you anything.
But at least I need somebody to ask me if I am okay.
Nobody ever ask me that.

Sometimes I feel that there is no more love in my life.

It was hard, but easy


Today, I woke up. I went down and waited for my favorite drama Landscape in My Heart and Love and Obsession. But it's over. The drama's over! NOO! Tak sempat tengok ending! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! So, just wait until 9:30 and watch Reversal of Fate. Tu pon tak sempat tengok macam mana ibunya jumpa anaknya. Alaaahhhh!! Nak CD!!!

Hehehe, spoiled brat xp

Today, I edited some more pictures for my blog and flickr :D

See ? lol

I like editing stuff. Pictures, BG, Videos, name it :)

Angah Sunny wants me to edit a picture for his MS bg. It's hard but also easy.
Here it is,

Just how he wanted it to be. Yeah.
I'll update more later. Ciao.

Che Gu suka main bola

Masam Masam Manis, P.Ramlee's

P.Ramlee as a Teacher

*Che Gu masuk kelas*
*Che Gu writes on the board*

'Che Gu suka main bola,'
'Hari2 Che Gu main bola'

*Che Gu speaks up;*

"Baik murid-murid, Che Gu nak kamu semua ulang ayat ayat ini. Mula dari Ahmad bin Hanif"

*The students all repeats the sentence until the eighteenth kid*
*While they were reading the sentence Che Gu went to his table and fall asleep* [LOL]

*The eighteenth kid says;*

"Che Gu suka main bola,"
"Hari hari Che Gu...."
"Suka Tidur"
"Che Gu suka tidur, (points at the teacher), mari kita main"

*All of the students;*
*starts playing*

*The headmaster enters the class*
*Saw the teacher sleeping*
*Went to the teacher*
*Wakes him up*

*Che Gu,;*
"Hey! Saya suruh kamu baca....ahhh"

*The headmaster;*
"Che Gu, mari ikut saya ke pejabat"


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Transporting the Elderly

Bad Day

I watched Dream Team just now. Yes! At last, Eunhyuk's the winner! This is the second time Dream Team won. The first one was by SHINee Minho. Now, it's by Super Junior Eunhyuk :) Gee, Monkey won. (It was a game with monkey bars anyway. lol)

Today, is a bad bad day for me. All things that had happened to me just now was bad except the part where I got to watch The Dream Team. I thought after that, things would flow nicely but no. I am using this comp right now, and it's freaking stupid! It's so slow. I can't even use YouTube right now -.0

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh Yeah.

Yes. I am back! Oh yeah! I miss everything here... except house chores -.- It's not like I hate living in Penang but I have the rights to at least miss the house I was raised at right ? Keh keh keh. I didn't have the chance to swim there o_o. Wow. I had red lights. Alaah, I want to swim. Just now MIGHT be the last time I'll ever stay there. That saddens me the most. Shheezz, I hope not. I still wants to go to Queensbay though.

I'm uploading all my pictures on this comp to some sites I have. To keep it safe, you know ? I have this vission about this computer will get jam and all the folders will be deleted. It happened before. My songs, was deleted.

Yesterday night, I had a dream. The dream was like this;
Nenek andak buat kenduri. We all went to KL. I don't know the reasons actually. So, Aqilah, Edah and I woke up in this house. Demi came out of a room. I asked her, "you dgn siapa tadi ?" she answered "Yong". So I replied "Ohh" and had fallen asleep back. lol. And then we all went to Nenek Andak's house. All my brothers was wearing baju melayu except me. I was wearing pajamas. I asked Aqilah, "why are they wearing baju melayu/baju kurung ?", she answered "because it's a kenduri -.-" and I was like, "nobody tells me its a kenduri!".

So that was my dream. weird eh. Actually, Demi and Yong was a contractor. He he he.

Yeah that's all.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tee Sherrt

It has been a while since I've blogged something on this blog :) Maybe because, I don't really know what to write. I don't even know what to write right now.

Oh anyways, these days banyak sangat lah keluar TV about people crying. Sedih saya tengok. First this little girl saying somthing like "Sampai hati dia bunuh mak kita" WHILE CRYING! She was like sobbing! Isk, poor her. Bodoh lah peragut tu. And then, just now ada pulak this father crying because his maid did something until his baby died. He was crying also. Isk, isk isk, apa nak jadi sekarang ni. Kesian kita tengok mereka. I feel like hugging them. (I like hugging. I prefer hugs more than kisses. I don't know why)

I had lunch at Nandos just now. Dekat Queensbay tu kan, got a lot of couples going out together. Mostly Chinese. And their boy friends are hot man! Kalau tak hot pon cute. Serious dohh, Hot and cute. Aish. Another thing, dekat Penang ni kan banyak Korean, & Japanese store. Food store, clothes, etc. Most of the shops here are Korean & Japanese. I bought a T-shirt :) Ahh, that reminds me this story. Keh keh keh. Awak! Awak tau tak, I was walking, so.. jalan jalan jalan, and then ternampak lah this chinese teenage girl wearing this t-shirt. I saw Don't Move tertulis di atas baju dia. Kita tengok lah pulak gambar dia. Gambar dia jenis mcm Krunk (Kuzco) lukis so bukan lah nampak betul betul. Gambar dia macam nampak borders je. Macam ni,

Yeap, macam tu lah. Borders je lah. So, the real picture is like this. A boy standing behind a girl, and his bird is like behind the girl's ass. So you understand kan ? That's why the t-shirt says Don't Move.When I saw that, I was like, "What the f!" She wears that T shirt merata tempat dohh!
Wow wow wow.

Those pictures down there, (the one I update earlier) I upload it because I was bored. I don't know what to do lately. So upload je lah.

I miss Sam and I miss Denise

So Hot

This picture of Eunhyuk is like SO HOT!
Right ?? Just looking down, HOT HOT HIOT HOT.
This is a must on my Top 3; Sexy Picture of Eunhyuk.
Number 1.

This one, CUTE like maniac!

The two best friends. Boyzz Around The Worldzz -.-

Seriously this is on my Top 3; Sexy Picture of Eunhyuk.
This one is number 2.

Boyzz Around The Worldzz.

Ahahaha, COMEL

Lagilah comel/


Boyzz Around The Worldzz -.-

Monday, December 14, 2009


hello human. dah lama saya tak update blog sampaikanlah saudara saya naik bising. anyways, i am at Penang! hehe. my family and i went to Queensbay yesterday night. i walk here and there alone because why ?? because i have nobody to walk with. takkanlah nak jalan dgn my brotherskan. it would've been weird. so i walked alone. went to speedy, nothing's there. went to artist gallery, bought a cd. went to kfc. bought pepsi. went to FOS. just watch watch and watch. nothing fits me there. at last went to Popular. bought a novel :D the title is TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY by Jay Asher. i've started reading it yesterday. this is all i know for right now.

its about Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker. mostly about hannah. he received a box from Hannah Baker. (Hannah Baker's dead FYI. she killed her self by eating pills). the box was sent by Hannah to Justin Folley, Alex Standall, ..... (i've only read until there. continue reading later). all of the people who receives that box is on the list. the list is the reason why Hannah killed her self. so, anybody who receives the box are the reason why hannah killed her self.

so i want to keep reading and i want to find out why is clay jensen's the reason why hannah killed her self when she is not close to clay. i'm thinking that clay jensen's the thirteenth reason.

anyways, i want to ask you something, vote here.
biar lah satu pon, awak vote je,

i got a request, sorry, sorry-answer's video with english sub. buat je lah, tapi, nanti takde yang nak cmmnt. haish. whatever.

i wanna go to SuJu's Concert!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

is it wrong ?

i need to ask you something, is it normal or is it wrong that since i have "grow-up" i don't like hanging out with my younger cousin like i used too and also, i'm so shy to go to my grandmother's house, i wasn't shy before, i just went there and had a sleep like it's my own house, but now, it's all different, i don't reply messages from my younger cousin and also i don't like going to my grandmother's house.

is it normal or is it wrong ?

by i mean "grow-up" you have to know what i mean, starts from P.
i really need answers.

it's killing me

Hazim's having a fever. and then, malamni pulak, saya sekeluarga hendak ke Penang. at last, the day has come :D eekk, this is so fun. i don't know why, but i like staying at Penang. not going out, just stay in the house, it's so peaceful there. you know, it's an apartment, in there, we can't hear any cars or motorcycle. it has a pool. well, duh. anyways, i like it there but i don't know how is hazim's going to survive in the car for 2 hours or more and also i don't know how i will survive because there, we don't have astro and when we don't have astro so i can't watch Love and Obsession, Landscape in My Heart nor REVERSAL OF FATE! but seriously, i have to watch what's going to happy to Janghwa and the baby and all!!! i need someone to watch it for me. who will help me ?? well that's one problem, WHAT ABOUT THE DRAMA IRIS ??? nooo!!! my best friends Byeonghyun and TOP is in there.hehehe iskkk. how how how ?? hmmm,  ahh, luckily we have internet there. but that doesn't means i can watch the drama's on youtube because tak ada -.- maybe beli CD lah. if im allowed too. .hahaha, Aqilah, i can only chat with you using YM or MAYBE i can borrow along's laptop! like that's gonna happen. keh keh keh. but what if we TRY ? you sms me if you want to chat with me. eh eh ?

this period cramp hurts. IT'S KILLING ME! help meeeee!!!
i need a 10GB memory card for my phone because i put a lot of musics and pictures in there. this 1GB memory cards doesn't fit all my songs. it's like, i have to choose! i hate choosing! i have to choose like, to delete korean songs or english songs ?? but the korean song's are all my fav and then same goes to the english songs, both are my favs. but i have to choose ?? isssshhhh..... susah betul lah.

about the last post, i was depressed. i was out of my mind. i listened to the emo songs in my phone, (like from adtr, alesana, ffaf, fftl, etc...)and i heard that and i was like, WOW. so, i think it fits me. that's why i post it. i wasn't okay. i was not okay. waiittt,, i don't even know what depressed, stressed or whatever means. but most people says "farah, you're depressed/ streesed out" when they meet me, with black eyes, yeah they say that. weird me, i know. i know i'm weird. its just how i am. born as a weirdo.

anyways, Sam arrived safely at USA. she still chats with me. i hope she won't forget me because all she says these days are NEVER FORGET SAMANTHA. weird woman. Michelle pulak, still sad about Sam. bahaha. guess what ? i'm first on her BEST YT FRIENDS.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

life was fair

No one ever said that life was fair and Im not saying that it should be
so knowing that you are what you want to be and Im not comes as no surprise
but don't expect me to be happy for you
and don't smile at me and tell me things will work out for me too
I don't want your pity...I hate your pity



Sunday, December 6, 2009

tummy ache

went to taiping sentral just now because abah wants to go to the AiComputers to watch those computer stuff. i am now watching Otai. damn funny ouh. just now i watched step brothers, lagi funny!

i have tummy ache. i feel like puking (the feeling like you didn't eat anything). so i ate. i ate 3 pieces of breads, i feels like puking too. so in the end, either i eat or not, it feels like the same. i want to puke. help me.

i bought i new earrings. the color's black. mak bought it for me. abah keeps talking about moving to KL. he got offer there remember ? and then, abah said IF we want to move there, mak will transfer there too. its not a serious matter though but IF we want to move there, we can.

next Friday we're going to PENANG! yeah baby! then abah said we're going to the gym there. that place is so full of privacy babe. aqilah, why don't we one day, duduk dkt penang kita dua je and then mandi swimming pool, pergi gym sebab gym tu tiada siapa. jadi biar kita je pergi. kehkeh. and then maybe pergi tmpt dance tu, awak boleh tgk cermin and dance. and then we boleh jalan pergi queensbay tgk wayang or pergi FOS or reject shop or speedy. queensbay tu dkt je. yeah yeah. tu je yang ada kat situ. maybe ajak edah sekali.

man, i like to dream. means what my friends says are true. i like to dream. i dream a lot. i dream about things that CAN happen but WON'T happen.


love, love, love,

you are the one

i'm listening to all sad songs i have in my folder. keh keh keh. i have no idea why im doing this. anyways, for breakfast, what did you ate ? i ate nasi goreng :9 yeah, and then i have to do the dishes, as always. then who else ? my brothers ? pfft. they can't be asked to do anything in the world except watching tv.

right now, the sad song's title is you are the one. damn, feels like crying :'(
thought that i should share the lyrics with you :

You are the one
It's been a long time but I'll just say it
You are the sun
You were always the one for me
You are my love
There was a time I was always one stop behind you
Always wondering if I was too close

You are the one
You are my only love
You are the sun
Your smile warmly embraces me
You are my love
I'm her one and only
Together forever
Stay beside me forever..

there.. i bold some of the meanings that i like.

aqilah's coming back from singapore today! finally, i have a friend to chat with. eh, what happens to Amanda Bynes ? i haven't heared anything from her yet. i want to watch her acting again. i'm going to cut my hair today! hehe. i want to cut layer and then cut until paras bahu. and then, i wanna see how it looks. ooooooo, Sam's moving TODAY! poor Michelle. dah la USA pulak tu. haiih. i hope you'll be happy there.

i wanna go shopping.

Friday, December 4, 2009

awak mesti terkejutkan ?

all i did today is, download videos, edit videos, taking pictures, edit pictures, combine pictures, and update my blog. if i publish this one, means i've updated 3 times! kehkehkeh. suddenly feels like blogging even i don't know what to say. oh wait ah, wait for 7 minutes.

..................7 minutes have passed...................

for those who are curious, yes i did went somewhere for 7 minutes,... or maybe more. hehehe. eh, awak mesti terkejutkan bila masuk blog saya tiba tiba ada muka saya. hahaha. i know because i was shocked too everytime i enter my own blog. keh keh keh. i think i just found out my hobbies are editing stuff like my blog's bg, my youtube's bg, editing pictures, editing videos, making videos, singing, sleeping, surfing internet, talks, watching tv and chatting but NONE of them has to do anything about working. how ? geez. i don't even know what i want to be when i grow up. that worries me.

i'm listening to kings and queens by 30STM. they rocks! thought that i should share that with you. anyways, what would you do if you have no friends AT ALL! ?? (to you who have no confidence like me). i need tips. i can't stand all those fake friends. i need true friends. weyh, since there's no such thing as "best friends forever", then are there any "true friends" ???

Sam's moving on Sunday, 6th November. what to do ? im so gonna miss her ;'(
poor Michelle. lost her best friend to USA. i mean other school never mind but other COUNTRY ?! wow.

ps: Michael Angelo had a sixteen [?]


i am so bored that i've started to shout and scream all over the house. i also started to sing, louder than usual.
i suddenly feels like taking pictures. do you call it cam-whoring ? suddenly i found out that abah's laptop has WMM. so i started making a movie from the pictures i took.

here are the pictures that i took :

and here's the video i made :

as you can see, i edited my blog with loads of pictures. amacam ??


there is a reason for everything...

Aqilah is not onlining. i think because she's on the way to Singapore... ?? did you bring your laptop with you ? hope you did because i'm freaking bored. i have no one to chat with right now, later and so on until you come back from Singapore. all i do is listen to Epik High, being sad about Tablo's wedding and still admiring Eunhyuk like maniac. i watched Love and Obsession just now. the 'princess' died. she said, there is a reason for everything. are there any reason for me being a total coward. i wish i'd knew. isk. the video for chun@youtube isn't done yet. i've only download 5 videos out of 15 videos. maybe next week baru siap. i want to finish it before going to penang. at this part of time, how i wish i have a laptop so i could bring it to penang and continue doing there. there is also Why I Like You's video english subbed and also romaji subbed requested by siwonlove@youtube but i think i should recommend her maggie's video that maggie did so i don't have to do it. keh keh keh. maggie needs viewers too. okay, this is all what i want to express right now :)

romaji : ken cha nayo ? cause i understand.
english translation : are you alright ? because i understand.

aghh! that's Tablo's line!
keh keh keh

ps : all the youtubers names are fake :D
only some part of it is real.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I feel sorry

i feel sorry because of what my cousins and i did to our mothers and grandmother and also what I've done to my cousins when we were younger. the story begins like this, when we(me, aqilah and edah) were younger, we weren't really close like we are now. sometimes I'm on aqilah's side and we both fought with edah. 2 vrs 1 or sometimes I'm on edah's side, we fought with aqilah and again 2 vrs 1. every time we fight, my mother and aqilah's mother are also involved. they were protecting their daughters.

anyways, there's this one time when i was on edah's side and we were sitting out side the house. it was raya's night. suddenly mak uda came to pick adlan up. at that time i don't know why edah stand up and went into the house, since i was the youngest among us three, i can't think carefully, i just follow what the 'leader' does you know,  i was a kid. so yeah, i followed edah in the house. now that i think it back, that was mean. and that night, our mom's called me and aqilah, we were scold in the kitchen, my mom and aqilah's mom fought. how could us makes them, sisters fight with each other. mak uda was so upset that she accidentally burst out to nenek. i feel so sorry to aqilah, mak and mak uda. because of us fighting, mak and her sister fought and then because of us, mak uda accidentally burst out to her mother. weyh, kita sorry tau. really really freaking sorry. hope you will forgive me my cousin.

there is also time where i and aqilah hates edah. i don't know why the reason we hates edah. probably because we are not that close to her. like i said, we were not really close like we are now. aqilah im sorry but i have to say this. edah, we used to talk bad about you. im really really sorry! sorry sorry sorry! im sorry!!!!!!!! i used to write bad stuff about you in my diary. i also made you cry a lot. made you feel annoyed of me. made you hurt. it's just naturally me. it was a joke to me but not to you, it's just a pain to you. so i'm sorry. there's time where i get annoyed by you but that's because you are loud but that's just you and sometimes its funny. i hope you will forgive me too because i still want to wrestle with you.

i am sorry to you for what I've done with the other you.
i was a kid. i cant think straight.

now, i feel free.
i hope. 

ps: my mom says my english is terrible. kehkehkeh
in anyway, i hope you'll understand what i want you to understand.