Wednesday, September 2, 2009


this blog is not private. everybody can read.

Aqilah!~ my new account just for you to comment. haha! okay, i sound freaky. i am a freak. i'm eating cheesy wedges. tak larat lah nak habiskan. oh yea, PICK UP YOUR PHONE!!

anyways, i want to meet them!

but i want to meet my cousin, Aqilah more and right now.

i have so much to talk about with you and maybe with Edah around in the room. kau dan aku buat convo while Edah is being vain. uuuu, i can feel the atmosphere. ahh, stupid.

Along came back that Saturday. i don't know if he was doing a surprise comeback ke ape but when the bus was at the tol only he called Abah. then we bukak puasa di rumah Opah.

i don't know why but i like to talk. talk talk talk. plus my classroom pon has been the "kelas terbising" sepanjang 2 minggu lepas. and all the teacher say is "ape yang kamu nak cakapkan ? tak habis habis cakap. jumpa setiap hari. nak cakap apa lagi ??" i found the answer !!
we always talk when we meet each other because we find another cool stuff during the night time. thats why the convo between us cannot finish just like that!

test paper dah keluar. boleh tahan lah. not as bad as before.

the "why" session :

i feel thirsty. these cheesy wedges makes me thirsty. why ?
why i like Eunhyuk so much ? why ?
why i like Leeteuk so much ? why ?
why i miss so many things ? why ?
why suddenly i'm not friendly anymore ? why ?
why i hate that person ? why ?
why do school have oral test ? why ?
why i miss you ? why ?
why "why" ? why ?

bye bye,


Aqilah said...

fuyoh, nak sangat jumpa mereka ya? see? aren't you glad that i introduced to you sorry sorry masa kau datang kl that time? :D

btw, NAK ANGKAT PHONE APA BENDANYA? kalau kau call takpe lah jugak -.-