Sunday, November 15, 2009

make up, shake up, break up


today pak ngah went back to perlis. his home. i forgot to give him his daughter's jubah. dammit. anyways, they got their old maid back, bibik reza. she's cool. she actually remembers all of our name! clearly pulak tu.

mak cooked udang galah and some pucuk paku and some sweet sour fish :9

i ate a bit and hurt my finger because of the prawn's tail. it was bleeding. it was delicious though. along just came back. he lost haziq's old phone. it was stolen. since haziq's his best friend, haziq didn't even scold him :p LOL. just kidding.

i watch jokwon and ga in's wgm just know. jinwoon and seulong is sooo freaking cute!! jokwon was like irritating ga in. hehe, poor ga in. anyways, jinwoon and minho and much more korean celebrities had their collage exams last week. jinwoons' was fine so i guess minhos' was fine too. i can't tell because there wasn't any sub for his video. but i can tell through his facial expression. there was only sub for jinwoon's video. jinwoon's hyungs did 'helped' him a bit like if the question is 1,0,-1 ? and if he don't know the answer just pick 3. lol. that was cute. jinwoon seriously resembles his mother a lot!

aqilah put a video of eunhyuk on her blog. hyuk hold hara. dammit. i was like 'grrrr' at first and when i know it's hara i went all 'ahh, nvm, she's my fav too'. they would make a cute couple but,... gee



aqilah chatted with pak ngah yesterday and aqilah said something and wrote 'hehehehehe'
and pak ngah replied 'hehehehe to you as well'. hahahaha!
he said, 'don't you ever 'hehehehe' at me!'. mak ngah laughed.
did you read that ?
don't hehehe at him anymore.

i'm addited to Lee Jun Ki's and U-Kiss' new song :)