Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let's Go!

I just watched that show this evening and the young team was EUNHYUK!, Lee Wan and Minho.
It's like, they're all hotties man!

Poor Minho. He cried because he looses the game. He thought that he'd disappointed his fans. It was cute though. I mean, he didn't cry that hard. He had a red face, red eyes, red nose. I felt really touched xp. Eunhyuk had to fight with 3 rivals. He lost. He was okay at the first round but the second round he lost. He was like Minho. Red face. They're so cute!


My fever isn't going anywhere. It's still here. All the coughing, sneezing, hot fore-head. Tiredness. Isk. I want maggie. I miss maggie.

Kim Jaedong isn't the host for Star Golden Bell anymore. So sad. He has been the host of SGB for 4 years. The other host, Lee Chayeong cried and Juri, the permanent guest also cried. It was sad.

Seriously, my life is bored. It's like, nothing happened. All I talk about is TV shows. Why can't I have a fun life ?? Geez.

Okay, I'll tell you what I did today.

I woke up at 9:20 a.m out of shock. I went downstairs because there was nothing to do. So I watched the TV. I watched Love and Obsession. I love that show :) The show starts at 9:00 a.m to 9.30 a.m. I got to watch only some of it though. Anyways, after that I went to the kitchen to hang the clothes which Mak left me. They weren't spinning. So I had to lessen the clothes because that washing machine is old. It can't bare to hold heavy clothes. So it was spinning. I went upstairs and had my bath. I went to the computer and checked my YouTube if there were any comments for me to read. Yes there were. So I replied them. Then, went to Blogspot. Checked if Aqilah had updated her blog. Went back downstairs. Hang the clothes. Clean the table of the kitchen. Went back upstairs and since I'm not feeling well, I slept. Until like 4 something. Even though it was raining, I felt like my body was burned. So I can't bare to sleep anymore. I went downstairs and watched the Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2. Eunhyuk was in it!!!!! Damn, he's fine! Hehe. Then, I washed the dishes since my brothers are hopeless. They are really really hopeless. Cleaned the kitchen again. Cleaned the hall. All their uniforms, they just like throw it everywhere. I fell like scolding them but since I can't shout, so what to do ?? Just did it with an not sincerely heart. Took my bath. went back downstairs and watched Iris. Mak called me to eat and washed the dishes again. Seriously don't boys knows how to wash dishes ??? How stupid and then Mak starts blabbering talking as if I haven't done anything yet. She starts blabbering maybe because she saw my my irritated look. It's just unfair. Pfft. Whatever. It can't be helped. What to do. Nothing.

I was sort of angry.
To make me happy again,
I looked at this picture,
I mean like what more??
I can't even talk between girls and girls or whatever they say.
Aku cuma ada happiness dengan cara tak betul.
Because it's all fake around me.
Friends, loves, EVERYTHING... fake.
So, better be happy with things that aren't real than be hurt by the real things.
To me, it's all fake. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!
fake friends, fake whatever!!!

Eunhyuk :)

Even though it's not good to have hope so high, because there isn't any guy who is nice, hot and all stuff. Like Aqilah says, I'll get disappointed but me admiring him is just like,
Oh he's hot. He's so fine. Like that, I don't get my hopes high. So it's just cheeky happiness.
Gosh, I don't know how to say it and I think I shall stop because you're confused right ??.

Any pictures of him for me ??