Friday, November 20, 2009


This is so stupid! Im not in morning session for next year! So stupid!!! Pn Rohani changed it because they say if the lower classes are in evening session, there won't be any prefects. What do I care about prefects! I want to be in the morning session!!! If my class and the first class are in morning session we can at least go to the tution in the evening. But nooo, we have to be in the evening session. Evening session don't have much time lah! ISK! I hope the teachers will change back because I really want to be in the morning session. It's like I've planned everything. Now, my wish to be a hardworking student has all gone. Seriously, evening session can't even finish our homeworks or sleep early. I want to go to school in the morning and study in the evening. Things aren't going as I wish. People, please pray for me. I seriously want to be in the morning session.