Thursday, December 10, 2009

it's killing me

Hazim's having a fever. and then, malamni pulak, saya sekeluarga hendak ke Penang. at last, the day has come :D eekk, this is so fun. i don't know why, but i like staying at Penang. not going out, just stay in the house, it's so peaceful there. you know, it's an apartment, in there, we can't hear any cars or motorcycle. it has a pool. well, duh. anyways, i like it there but i don't know how is hazim's going to survive in the car for 2 hours or more and also i don't know how i will survive because there, we don't have astro and when we don't have astro so i can't watch Love and Obsession, Landscape in My Heart nor REVERSAL OF FATE! but seriously, i have to watch what's going to happy to Janghwa and the baby and all!!! i need someone to watch it for me. who will help me ?? well that's one problem, WHAT ABOUT THE DRAMA IRIS ??? nooo!!! my best friends Byeonghyun and TOP is in there.hehehe iskkk. how how how ?? hmmm,  ahh, luckily we have internet there. but that doesn't means i can watch the drama's on youtube because tak ada -.- maybe beli CD lah. if im allowed too. .hahaha, Aqilah, i can only chat with you using YM or MAYBE i can borrow along's laptop! like that's gonna happen. keh keh keh. but what if we TRY ? you sms me if you want to chat with me. eh eh ?

this period cramp hurts. IT'S KILLING ME! help meeeee!!!
i need a 10GB memory card for my phone because i put a lot of musics and pictures in there. this 1GB memory cards doesn't fit all my songs. it's like, i have to choose! i hate choosing! i have to choose like, to delete korean songs or english songs ?? but the korean song's are all my fav and then same goes to the english songs, both are my favs. but i have to choose ?? isssshhhh..... susah betul lah.

about the last post, i was depressed. i was out of my mind. i listened to the emo songs in my phone, (like from adtr, alesana, ffaf, fftl, etc...)and i heard that and i was like, WOW. so, i think it fits me. that's why i post it. i wasn't okay. i was not okay. waiittt,, i don't even know what depressed, stressed or whatever means. but most people says "farah, you're depressed/ streesed out" when they meet me, with black eyes, yeah they say that. weird me, i know. i know i'm weird. its just how i am. born as a weirdo.

anyways, Sam arrived safely at USA. she still chats with me. i hope she won't forget me because all she says these days are NEVER FORGET SAMANTHA. weird woman. Michelle pulak, still sad about Sam. bahaha. guess what ? i'm first on her BEST YT FRIENDS.