Monday, December 14, 2009


hello human. dah lama saya tak update blog sampaikanlah saudara saya naik bising. anyways, i am at Penang! hehe. my family and i went to Queensbay yesterday night. i walk here and there alone because why ?? because i have nobody to walk with. takkanlah nak jalan dgn my brotherskan. it would've been weird. so i walked alone. went to speedy, nothing's there. went to artist gallery, bought a cd. went to kfc. bought pepsi. went to FOS. just watch watch and watch. nothing fits me there. at last went to Popular. bought a novel :D the title is TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY by Jay Asher. i've started reading it yesterday. this is all i know for right now.

its about Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker. mostly about hannah. he received a box from Hannah Baker. (Hannah Baker's dead FYI. she killed her self by eating pills). the box was sent by Hannah to Justin Folley, Alex Standall, ..... (i've only read until there. continue reading later). all of the people who receives that box is on the list. the list is the reason why Hannah killed her self. so, anybody who receives the box are the reason why hannah killed her self.

so i want to keep reading and i want to find out why is clay jensen's the reason why hannah killed her self when she is not close to clay. i'm thinking that clay jensen's the thirteenth reason.

anyways, i want to ask you something, vote here.
biar lah satu pon, awak vote je,

i got a request, sorry, sorry-answer's video with english sub. buat je lah, tapi, nanti takde yang nak cmmnt. haish. whatever.

i wanna go to SuJu's Concert!