Thursday, September 24, 2009


Mak Uda and her family's back at their home.
Just now was funny :) Me and Aqilah was bathing Alina, as usual I was just being sibuk and also be the assistant... Anyways, Mak Uda needs to pee....... (never mind lah, scared Aqilah marah XD). but it was FUNNAY!

Nothing much happen today except my friend told me to listen to DBSK's new song called Shelter. Dengarlah. Agak sedap lah.

But Yunho and Xiah didn't take part in this song. Only Jaejoong and Micky singing in here. But Xiah helped to compose it.

And, I continue to watch We Got Married Kangin & Yoon Ji. I love that couple :)) Aqilah, I swear Kangin and Adi's face is same. Not lying.

I'm listening to Twins (Knockout) by Super Junior. I think Leeteuk's sengau voice is really cute. Don't you ? Sorry, no Kyuhyun in the video. Anyways, I also watched Super Junior's Mini Drama. Horror punya. Comel. Ryeowook jadi gangster. His the gangster leader for Eunhyuk and Donghae. Those three guys are so hot being gangsters. I wish they are the gangsters in my school bus instead having those ugly indian gangsters. Wouldn't it be cool having Ryeowook, Donghae and Eunhyuk in my school bus. Being a hot trio gangsters. I wont mind riding the bus everyday (<3)>.<

Yea, it won't happen.

I'm lonely. Why ah ? Kalau lonely, duduk dalam bilik belajar menari macam Aqilah. Tapi, aku enari pon tak reti, haisshh. Apa nak buat ?? I'm so bored and watching Adi being bored is cute :0 What more ??? O yea, that day we went to Pah Cik's house (for raya of course). Met everybody. kissed Andak and Angah. Really happy to see them again. Now, I'm WAY taller than Andak. Last time I was WAY shorter the her. And meeting Andak's second child was cute!! At first I only saw him in the buaian thingy. I was like, "OMGEE! Which chinese boy is that ???!" (in my head lah). So I asked Angah, "Angah, anak siapa itu ?" she said it was Andak's and I was like "ohh...., okay whatever". And then, I came back and just sit with them. The boy woked up. Andak carried him and again, I was freaking shocked! He doesnt have that chinese face no more. He then looked like a japanese boy! I was like "Ya ALLAH!" and Angah was like "kenapa Arah ??" and I replied, "dia macam budak jepun" and they laughed. But seriously, I like that boy! He's so cute and he's fine with anywhom. So means, I can carry him and he wont cry. Fuyoh, best. Seriously, no joke. I'm gonna call him Miko :p . Michelle gave me that name. She said to use that for my Japanese name. Haha, so me and Muadz going to be Miko :) Wish to meet him again and wish to meet Angah again. Miss them. I forgot to take that Japanese boy's picture lah. Wish I had. hish. Man, I wish for a lot of stuff. Hey, try this, FAST!

I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish,
but if you wish the wish the witch wishes,
I won't wish the wish you wish to wish.

How was it ? fun or annoying. I find it hard.

I found a new cute photo of this hot Monkey :) Well the photo ain't new. But it is cute!!~~

Listening to : Don't Don - Super Junior