Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Disebabkan notice ini : "PS : Is it some sort of new trend to actually own a blog and not update it? I'm curious. Please, start updating, people. I know your lives are much more interesting than mine."

Saya akan menulis serba sedikit tentang sambutan hari raya saya yang telah saya sambutkan selama 4 hari tercampur dengan hari ini sekali.

My first raya, I wore a brown baju kurung and Edah wore a red baju kurung. We went to Nenek and Atuk's kubur with Acu and Auntie Marina. Like normal people, we baca Yassin for them. And then,...... AQILAH came! yeah! We went to Tok Lang's house. Kesian dia dohh. Rumah banjir 1 day before raya. bodoh Hotel Flemington. And the girls went to Starbucks with Pak Uda. Pak Uda met his friends while Edah and Yong was studying, me and Aqilah was being a korean maniac. (we sat separately). We stayed there for like 3 hours. Aqilah and I were watching videos from my phone. She watched Super Junior Mini Drama and she was laughing! and I had to pee. So we went to the toilet. It was disgusting, god dammit. On the way back to Starbucks, ada these guys standing and we were really afraid of them and I was like "nak guna long cut tak ?" and Aqilah dragged me. Yeah, we used long cut. It was funny though. We went home and we slept. It was cool.

Second day of raya: I wore the red blouse. like square square punya. Along suka baju tu. Dia pon nak beli. Gila. Anyway, nothing happen. I dont know what to write. Third day: I wore the green blouse. We went to watch wayang that night. Read it at aqilah's blog. malas nak tulis.

Oh yeah! Mase dekat rumah Tok Lang, me and Aqilah was watching Don't Don. I told Aqilah that I turned into a pelvic thrust pervert tau. I don't know why. I think its hot ! and I love these videos!

like this, you forward until Leeteuk's part. (man! Eunhyuk's and Leeteuk's part was freaking hot!)

and this Don't Don dance by Leeteuk and Eunhyuk

but that video, that skinny Leeteuk was wearing a big top so tak nampak ke-seksian nyer.

jadi watch this one pulak, (macam nak last last tu lah)

hot kan ? hot kan ?

you must love Leeteuk and Eunhyuk <3 style="width: 334px; height: 248px;" src="" alt="" border="0">
i dont care if he's old. he's still hot. and his pelvic thrusts in Don't Don, sexy dohh!

he's actually nice lah. tapi one problem, dia agak kasar pada women.
well at least, dia mengaku ^__^

Hankyung, the hot chinese f4 :D

Yesung, the funny guy. "I collect bugs".. WTF ??

Kangin, dia sweet dohh!!!

Shindong, ???

Sungmin, "bite your lips!!!"

Lee Hyuk Jae!!! ahhhhh!! The hottie dancing machine!!! ahhhhh!!
serious, watch him doing the chest pump thingy, pelvic thrust thingy in U and Don't Don, you'll faint.

Donghae, South Sea, woa. dah tak innocent.

Siwon, betul and orang kaya lah. tapi sweet ~~

Ryeowook, comel.

Kibum, rap lah. sedap.

Super Junior's magnae and Aqilah's boyfriend.

eh, watch this video oh. dah lah the song best pastu video pon best :P
Kim Hyun Joon <3>

Listening to : DeJa Vu - SS501


Aqilah said...

Notis dari blog aku. Hebat, ada yang menghargainya.
This is a long post. Keep up the good work. :D I know you hate that line.