Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fish Head Guy

I just read Aqilah's blog. You know what ? Adi's cheesy but cute! Haha, and Yong with her American accent. So funny. At last she's onlining.

Today's a busy day. I woke up and did my geo work and then had to help out downstairs because of the open house thingamajig.I also chat with Aqilah just now. We talked about how we are truly cousins because we both like something that has to do with pelvis. It's because, she likes watching guys touching their pelvis while I like guys who does the pelvic thrusts thing. So hot lah wey.

Anyways, 45 guys datang just now. Aqilah, what a question! "Ada hot guys ?" So lame. haha. MESTI LAH ADA! hahaha. Just kidding. Aqilah told me to watch Wonder Boys - Genie. Gila cute sial! Taemin and MC Mong and Taecyeon. MY FAV! But I like Taecyeon, Woo Young, Kim Key and MC Mong more than others lah :D

Comel kan ? kan ?

Try to watch this video, the chinese f4 dancing with his fan :) cute sial

Yeah, I know you guys were like, WTF because he touched something >.<

I don't know what these are, but it sounds so cool...

"Aku meninggalkan segalanya untuk memiliki dia,
Dia meninggalkan aku untuk memiliki segalanya"

and this one,

"Maybe he loves her more than I do,
but that doesn't mean that I love her less"

or this one,

"If I can't have her,
than nobody will ever have her"

or this,

"If she can't be mine,
than she has to be gone"

Woa, deep meanings.

Listening to - Disco Drive - Super Junior