Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jikka Jikka Shi Ga Nu Khul Lo To

It is 1:05 a.m of Saturday. I'm listening to It's You by SJ and in 3 minutes, its going to be Eunhyuk's part :) Yeap...
Anyways, what I did was my homework and watch some TV. Its Saturday so I was watching 2 Days and 1 Night. LOL. Lee Sugeun and MC Mong is the funniest man alive. I can't stop watching that show :p

2 Days and 1 Night

Anyways, I have to do laundry just now. I also had to sidai kain. So I hang the kain downstairs first then only I brought it upstairs to sidai it at the balcony. BUT! before going to the balcony, I have to go through Along's room. So, "knock knock". (He locks the door again.) All he said was " kejap kejap" and I waited for like 4 minutes. Questions in my head, "Was he chatting with Sherrin ? or is it the new girl Yasmin?" . Yea, I korek everything. I am a busy body woman. Whatever. His my brother, what do you expect me to do ? Stay out ?! NO WAY! :p At least I don't go all harassing other people's sibling ^__^. Me and Aqilah found about the new girl thingy. Aqilah found about "the new one" and I found out about the name :)

So Pakngah and his family came. Edah left her baju kurung AGAIN! What lah you. And I appreciate Mak Ngah for aggreing with me about me being demam. Poor me *evil smile*. OMG! Eunhyuk's rapping! Haha, I'm listening to Don't Don. and nope, I didn't miss Leeteuk's Pelvic Thrusts. So guess what, I WATCHED IT! OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
*evil laugh*

Aalyaa followed me on this blog. So I guess she read my blog and found out I'm a Pelvic Thrusts pervert. What did she say ??? (I think she went all "eeww, Farah!" Just like how Aqilah did :D)

Gosh, I miss Aqilah and Edah. I miss Edah's noise and Aqilah doing the pelvic thing in U. So funny. Can't believe she tried that just to know how it felt. -.-

I can feel the atmosphere I want,
Me, Kila and Edah in a room. Edah nagging about being in America and Aqilah watching videos and practicing the dance and Me being WTH is going on here ??!

I feel like calling Nenek Andak. Poor her. She told me to come to KL and stay with her for a few days. She;s lonely. Usually she'll come here and be a korean maniac with Nenek. Now, she have no friend. Plus, Demi's living with her parents dah... Haiih. What a sad sad word.

Oh yea, Aqilah, I searched dekat dictionary(dot)com, I searched the word "Pelvis" and now, I know why you went all "eewwww".

Miane... (I know you hate Malaysian people talking Hangul. HAHAHA!)

Listening to : Monster - Super Junior