Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mom boorim chigo ooluh bwado wehlobgo

i have so much to talk about :) well, not so much
long time no see...

anyway, Uda's bald :D haha. so funnay! he's bald because the teacher at school cut his hair and it turned out "tobek". so Uda went to the barber shop to repair it. the barber said the only way to repair it is.... BALD! so yea, he's bald. so funny! HAHAHA!
mak was about to complain to the teacher. lol.

i finished my geo work until chapter 10 already... woohooh! 6 to go :D still, it'll take such a long time to do that freaking thing.

guess what Aqilah ?? i read Along's blog. it sounds sad because where he is right now and all. he must have miss Nenek so much and Mak too. the way he writes was all like *sad sad sad*.
he post something about us too!
you know the picture of us that he was editing that day, yeah that picture.
he post it there and writes,
"my sister farah & cousin aqilah…

these two girls are currently crazy over korean-pop ‘lengchais’ :p"

i think its cute! haha, AQILAH! don't tell him that i read his blog. keep it as a secret.

i got new friend! Syikin :) she rides the same bus im riding. i feel fine now :D

what more ??


f*ck man! G-Dragon is so hot in here!!!!
don't you agree ???

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woohooo boleh.