Friday, October 2, 2009

everynight i'll be with you

omg! i still remember DEG! lol, while watching that i was like *wtf!* *wtf!* *wtf!*
haha, thanks Aqilah for showing me that ridiculous video xp

anyways, yesterday was tiring. everyday was tiring. i wish the family gathering thingy would happen. i miss it so much. and then, if that happens, my cousins and i would be vain like usual! haha. wear shades at the beach :p
oh and Aqilah! what if, kalau family gathering tu jadi,,,dekat beach lagi, at night we'll go for a jog ??? huh ? huh ? huh?


today's boring. like crazyly boring. it was hot, i was sweaty and it was all about heat. hish. yeah, it was boring! except! maths time! because Mrs Ng teach only muslims. she teaches moral at other time and muslims at different time. to avoid the crazy noise. and,, at bm period, Pn Sarina didnt came. so me, nina and farhanah talked about paranormal stuff. farhanah had the most and the scariest stories. why ah ?? as usual, i dont have any sotires about paranormal bla bla. oh yea, during maths period i was like trying to make Mrs Ng annoyed. i was bored and it was the last period. and also she wasnt teaching us. she just told us to do our own stuff.. i was like "teacher, selama cikgu mengajar ni tak pernah jumapa hantu kat sekolah ni ke ?" she answerd "no lah. mengarut lah". and i went all "ghost ?" she said "no. and i kept on saying "ghost ?" and she kept on replying "no". she didnt seem annoyed. what a good teacher. (she's reallly nice!) then amirah was trying to sit on her lap! haha. so funny that moment! Mrs Ng also laughed!


last night i watched The SuJu Guide. i watched Eunhyuk's, Donghae's, Siwon's, Heechul's & Hankyung. and i gotta say, Donghae's, Heechul's and Hankyung's are very very very sad!!
Donghae its because of his father thingy, Heechul because eventhough he is very mean to women but he is really really sweet! he stand up for his member and Hankyung is because all the rough time he had been through, about the visa, the anti fan and all stuff. but Donghae is the most sad lah.. no the person who made those videos are doing Yesung's. i cant wait to watch :D
i've watched Leeteuk's and Kyuhyun's long time ago. i just cant bare about the accident thingy.
so sad lah


another sad thing is, Neyo's music video.
the one yang dia accident tu masa nak selamatkan budak tu. his songs are nice. but that one is just so so sad!

*picture of the month*

why ??
because its my ass!