Saturday, October 31, 2009


Why are there laws and police if "sorry" works for everything ??

Mak and Abah slept at rawang because Abah can't drive. He was sleepy. Luckily I didn't follow them. Gosh, I hate that motel. Anyways, today Nina's sister is getting married. I feel sorry that I can't come because my aunt is getting married today too xp
Bila-lah abang aku nak kawin.

I finished watching Boys Over Flowers. That drama, I hate Jun Pyo's mom, and then the monkey (JaeKyung) and then, Jung YuMi but from all I hate Jung YuMi because she's so fake. Trying to make Jun Pyo hers' and then lied to him and all stuff. I hate Jun Pyo's mom too but she became nice in the end.

I got number 25 out of 37. So not good. I want to work hard and get in top 5 and then I'll get a notebook. If I don't get it, nevermind. At least I now what it feels to be in the top 5. I once get number 3 but that was standard 5. I want to feel it now.

Oh gosh, my face is like oily. Yuck! And I have this pimple which won't get lost. Geez.

bridge Han river Pictures, Images and Photos

You see that place ??
I want to go there. Its a view from a calm place. At night, there's going to be waterfalls and all.
Ahhh, really calm.

I want to go somewhere peace.