Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do I Love Myself ?

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Do I love myself ??

I don't study for my examination. I mean I do but, is it enough to get A's ?? Well I guess it wasn't enough because I didn't get any A's nor B's xp Its embarrassing. Stupid... Mak said, if you love your self, you should study. It is for your own future. I think its true because it is true. So I should study.

And also, I don't take care of my body and my health. I eat too much Maggie and I eat junk food a lot and don't do diet. I don't jog and much more. WHY ? Is this right ? NO! It's not.

I don't even pray. If I love myself, I should pray. You know why ?? because if you pray do good deeds, God will love you and maybe you'll go to heaven. When you go to heaven, your body won't be burned and or so. But I don't pray ?? How is that ?? Means I don't love myself and I want to let my body go to hell and be burned and be tortured. I don't love myself do I ??

Hillary Duff said "My body is my best friend" means she loves her body and also she does diet. Her body is thin. Skinny. But the wrong thing she does is bulimic. That's wrong.

Oh yeah, I also don't have enough sleep. Poor my body. That's what happen when you get addicted to computer. You ruin your body. You should not do that! NO!!!


I should study and get A's.

I should jog/exercise not for beauty but for my own good health.

I should pray and be thank to God and also for my Mom and family.


No matter how high you climb up the ladder,
you can't reach up into heaven.

No matter how hard you cry;
and no matter how rich you are,
you can't buy your way into heaven.