Friday, October 16, 2009

It's LA Baby!

I want to be fashionable. I don't know why. But I really want to be fashionable. LOL. I'm so weird now days. Anyways, I would like to go to F.O.S and buy so many t-shirts. T-shirts are old but it's very cool. Its just plain, then I'll wear it jeans and belts and shoes. Wait, won't it look like 'rempit' and all stuff ? Whatever. I'll try it and delete whatever that is not needed. I think Aqilah's right. The 'kotak-kotak' blouse is old style. Everybody's wearing it now. Bleghh. Something new ? What's something new ?? Tell me.

I also want to be Made. You know the show, 'Made' on MTV... or is it 'Channel V'. I don't care. I only want to be made. I want to be confidence. Yeah, confidence. So, I could enter my school's Choral Speaking, my school's Story Telling, my school's Public Speaking and more. And then, I'll get lots of lots of sijil! Whoosh! Oh oh, when I have confidence, I won't be so shy when Aqilah wants me to dance with her. Poor her. She wants me to dance with her but I was so shy and I have no confidence. Boo me xp

Besides that, I also wants to learn other languages. I think learning Spanish or.... Wait, Spanish is the humans at Paris' language right ?? I'm confused. Anyway, I also wants to learn how to play guitar and piano because with those two instruments, I can make a song. Get it ?? Yeah, like Angah Saniy did. Ooo, learning art is cool too! Then I would be the famous painter. Whoop! Or, I could learn Martial Arts. I want to learn Kung Fu and Wushu. Watching Edah doing it inspires me. I'm so jealous.

How come I'm so shy when I'm so loud ?

This house is full of boys. Get what I mean ? They are so noisy and annoying! Seriously I can't stand if there's a lot of noise because I would go "SHUT UP!". That often happens in my class. Those Chinese students. F them. I mean, how can I shut up when you people don't ??
The only reason I get loud is because you wont shut up. I'll only shut up when you shut up because when you shut up, I'll be shut too. That's because I have no reason to be loud when you shut up. Because when you shut up, I don't have to shout and tell you to shut up. Right ??

I would like to take lots of pictures with other people and paste it in my bedroom. Full of our picture. I saw Alex doing that. It's so cool. I also would like to paste the star thingy on my roof. Nahh, I like to sleep at a place that is truly dark. Yeah. In that way I can sleep peacefully. I would like to learn Yoga. I can slim down and also will have peace thingy at the same time. I also would like a camera and record me with other people and make it as a memory. Or make a video diary :Dhee.
Oh gosh, I've wanted my own camera since last year. Because the old camera is lost.

I'm so bored but I can't sleep. Because I don't want too. So what should do ?


Aqilah said...

YES! Baju kotak kotak is sooo last year. Everyone and by means of EVERYONE is wearing it. -.- Oh and FYI people speak FRENCH in Paris which is located in FRANCE and speak SPANISH in SPAIN. Hahaha. Apa lah doi!