Monday, October 26, 2009

Rat and a Cat

So at last, the brain suffering for the whole two weeks is over. Finally OVER! O-V-E-R! Yeah.. Get it ?? Anyway, I feel like I don't want to go to school because I don't want to know my marks. It could suck. Yea. Why didn't I study earlier ? Like way earlier ? Then the test would be easy aite ?? Yeah, right my ass. Anyways, usually people writes blog like 'what-did-i-do' stuff. I don't want to write like that, but then what should I write about ? Something different. Like how ? How ?? I don't know. Still thinking. What I know is that I am bored. Yeah. Really bored. What should I do ?? Wait! Am I bored or am I just boring ?? HUH ??! I think I am both. I am bored and I am also boring. I want to be made. Oh yeah, I went to Taiping Sentral yesterday or is it on Saturday.... anyways, It was like, EVERYBODY in the whole world just have to wear the kotak-kotak blouse. All the shop was selling them. Again, my cousin was right. I have to agree with her. I will never wear those blouse anymore. It'll feel so weird if I wear them. Isk.

Oh there was also the "some-kind kids". You know what I mean ?? The one who wears the kotak-kotak tight pants, stripe t-shirts, dark skins and brown hairs, bajet hot women. You see ??? It was weird. They're trying to follow the KL style but turned out to be 'rempits'.
Kau dah lah hitam nak dye rambut warna brown pulak. Baju and seluar ketak, ikat rambut tinggi tinggi. Pakaicelak pon tak reti pastu nak bajet hot lagi ah ??? Harap je pakai tudung, lelaki cakap "hye" sikit dah naktersengeh sengeh. Jeez..

Edah changed her blog ID again! What the hell's your new blog ID. Aqilah haven't post anything new yet. I am so bored. Eodeokhae ?? Edeokhae ??! Is that how you spell it ?? No ? Yes ?? No ?! Yes ???

I want to learn photography... or maybe arts, I mean drawing, painting. I want to be creative. Can I ???
Can you tell me if these pictures are really photogenic ??

Leave a comment!! Hurry!

Its raining. The school shoes aren't dry yet. How am I going to school tomorrow ??