Thursday, October 8, 2009

my ear candy

oh god, i'm so hungry right now :s

i'm so addicted to Baek Ji Young's and Taecyeon's song, My Ear Candy.

you should watch them singing live at Music Bank but Tacyeon's face expression is sad. the comments said it is because of the Jaebom left thingy. whatever.

i think Baek Ji Young is so pretty :)
i can't upload her picture, jam lah. damn.

anyway Aqilah, there's this guy who sms-ed me "Ne awek dok mana, nama apa ??"
what should i do ?? i don't know who the hell he is and i don't know where he got my number from. i didn't reply fyi. i'm not easy xp. cheehh.

what more ??

school. ahhh, Amirah celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. well she didn't actually celebrate it. since Pn Sarina is like her mother (it's what she says, she pity Amirah. aww so sweet!) Sabrina and Fatihah told Pn Sarina about Amirah's birthday. she didn't do much because scared Amirah would feel sad so we only sang a birthday song. while singing, i was looking at Amirah and i feel so sorry for her. i mean, i feel like i shouldnt sing because she looks like she wants to cry.
now i know that i should be thankful that i celebrated my birthday WITH my mother :)
be strong Amirah! <3>