Saturday, November 21, 2009

penang -> KL

i'm so sad. feels like crying :'( my dad's moving to KL. well MAYBE! but, what if it's for real ?? i want Penang! PENANG! i don't care if we live in an apartment. at least they have pool and that place is really cool and cozy. i also love that place. sometimes i wish i live there and not Taiping.

well, lets move to the happy news/story.

last wednesday, my class had our class party. at the end of the day, the five important person in my class(the monitor, assistant monitor and others) made this 'award' thingy. every each of us get a file. first award was 'the artistic girl' which goes to ju wyn and afiqah. that's obvious because they are artistic. anyways, i was like thinking, "what am i getting ?, is it, the most fierce girl or the hot-tempered girl ?" but then i remembered, they don't know that i am a hot-tempered woman. then suddenly, they announced "and the hot-tempered girl goes to..." "FARAH" and i was like "WOOOHH!" jumping and "yes! yes! yes!!" hehe. so i got that award :D The Hot Tempered Girl.
sabrina was actually scared i'd scold them but when she saw i was "yes! yes! yes!" she was "what the heck's wrong with this woman" . hehe. they also played the poison box or whatever it is called. Chew got the poisoned box and had to act like our class teacher. well he wasn't there. (he's taking care of the SPM students, Mrs Ng and Pn Sarina was in our class). Chew acted as him sms-ing. it's true, he does sms a lot during class and Mrs Ng and Pn Sarina was laughing hard. haha.

hey my muslims friends who are reading this. have you prayed zohor?? i haven't and im going too. bye bye. go pray, give thanks to Allah.