Tuesday, November 24, 2009

dance or excersise ?

i think i should do some excersise now. i'm getting really fat and my face is getting really bloated. i actually really want to learn how to dance but i get shy very quickly, even in front of a person i shouldn't feel shy to.

raya is within 3 more days. i should go on a diet to make it look good with my new short hair :D hehehe. gosh, i think i ate too much. my stomach hurts but i only ate one bowl of rice. not even a plate of them but just a bowl.

i really wanna come to KL and meet with YOU and nenek andak. why the hell do i have this thing about riding a public transport. isk.

i've been wathing Family Outing lately. Lee Hyori, Yoo Jae-Suk and Kang Daesung are hella funny gag-human esp Daesung. he's my fav :)
you should watch the part him ordering TOP around. seriously cute!!

i want to look good in pictures. please tell me how. it's like everyone's smile is like this :) but mine is like this :| serious oh, its like that.

oh yeah, have you prayed yet ?