Thursday, November 26, 2009

raya haji

raya haji's tomorrow. angah saniy's coming back today. haziq have been making kuih raya since this morning. why weren't him like this last raya ? gee. hehe

i don't know what i should feel. happy or plain, just plain ? because, i don't know what's the reason to be happy for and also what's the reason to be plain for.

ahhh! my ear's better! woohoo!

i'm in love with this picture. it looks so calm!
i tried my very hard to put it as my BLOGSPOT's background. seriously, before this i don't even know a thing about blogspot's background. hehe.
i didn't even try for Eunhyuk's photo xp

calm isn't it ?

im off to watch IRIS.
my bestfriend is there, bingu TOP.