Monday, November 9, 2009

Swine Flue

Jonghyun had it and he recovered. Now, it's Onews turn.

I've been having fever for 2 weeks now, am I getting Swine Flue ??
I'm so scared but usually when I'm having fever, I act cool so I don't have to go to the clinic and have medicine.

The teacher moved the nasyid date closer which is this Wednesday. We didn't even practice a thing. Sheeett laah.

Going to school is fun but I'm too lazy but still have to go so it won't distract my record thingy. Can you believe that SPM's next week ?!! woa and also next week is the last week of school. Yayy :D

I'm so bored and addicted to this picture :D

Ain't he HOT ??
I mean, kalau tak hot pon,
Ain't he CUTE ??!!

Right right ??