Sunday, November 8, 2009

Almost paradise....

I love that song! Kim Joon's in the group!!
He's like the cutest among the F4. =D


f(x)'s new song!

This is the live version though.

Sulli is really really cute! Amber as always, cool boyish style.

I'm really trying my best.
I have no idea what to write.
Oh god -.-


Super Junior-M's new song!!
Blue Tomorrow 到了明天

My dream guy
(ini yang kau nak tau yea)

  1. Cute, hot and everything like Eunhyuk
  2. Innocent like Donghae
  3. Tall and skinny like Kyuhyun
  4. Hot face like Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin, Leeteuk & Siwon
  5. Musician like Sungmin and Zhoumi
  6. Funny like Hankyung
  7. Hotness like Ryeowook
  8. Caring like Leeteuk & Heechul
  9. Agyeo like Sungmin
  10. Lame jokes like Leeteuk
  11. Cute laugh like Hankyungs'
  12. Nice but doesn't know how to show it like Heechul
  13. Strict but doesn't show it like Heechul
  14. Sings like Ryeowook & Kangin
  15. Play piano like Leeteuk and Ryeowook
  16. Play guitar like Sungmin
  17. Blur like Siwon
  18. Cute like Siwon
  19. Warm like Sungmin, Siwon, Eunhyuk and Donghae
  20. Cute like Donghae
That's all.
I was chatting with Aqilah.
I went all =" I miss Tablo."
and she went all he's not that handsome, bla blabla
and said "kau ni, Tablo kahwin kau sakit jiwa"
"Eunhyuk minat minah lain, kau bunuh diri"


I think it's true

And then, I replied back,
"Jom pergi Korea, aku culik Eunhyuk, kau culik Kyuhyun atau Donghae"
and she said "aku culik dua dua"

chinca, I have no idea what to write yall

I want to show you how HOT GUYS looks like



They are hotties.

I freaking love all of Eunhyuk's pictures !


Aqilah said...

aku benci betul gambar eunhyuk pakai tank top! YUCK!

and kau ni... semua ada contoh oh bagi setiap ciri.