Friday, December 4, 2009

awak mesti terkejutkan ?

all i did today is, download videos, edit videos, taking pictures, edit pictures, combine pictures, and update my blog. if i publish this one, means i've updated 3 times! kehkehkeh. suddenly feels like blogging even i don't know what to say. oh wait ah, wait for 7 minutes.

..................7 minutes have passed...................

for those who are curious, yes i did went somewhere for 7 minutes,... or maybe more. hehehe. eh, awak mesti terkejutkan bila masuk blog saya tiba tiba ada muka saya. hahaha. i know because i was shocked too everytime i enter my own blog. keh keh keh. i think i just found out my hobbies are editing stuff like my blog's bg, my youtube's bg, editing pictures, editing videos, making videos, singing, sleeping, surfing internet, talks, watching tv and chatting but NONE of them has to do anything about working. how ? geez. i don't even know what i want to be when i grow up. that worries me.

i'm listening to kings and queens by 30STM. they rocks! thought that i should share that with you. anyways, what would you do if you have no friends AT ALL! ?? (to you who have no confidence like me). i need tips. i can't stand all those fake friends. i need true friends. weyh, since there's no such thing as "best friends forever", then are there any "true friends" ???

Sam's moving on Sunday, 6th November. what to do ? im so gonna miss her ;'(
poor Michelle. lost her best friend to USA. i mean other school never mind but other COUNTRY ?! wow.

ps: Michael Angelo had a sixteen [?]