Sunday, December 6, 2009

you are the one

i'm listening to all sad songs i have in my folder. keh keh keh. i have no idea why im doing this. anyways, for breakfast, what did you ate ? i ate nasi goreng :9 yeah, and then i have to do the dishes, as always. then who else ? my brothers ? pfft. they can't be asked to do anything in the world except watching tv.

right now, the sad song's title is you are the one. damn, feels like crying :'(
thought that i should share the lyrics with you :

You are the one
It's been a long time but I'll just say it
You are the sun
You were always the one for me
You are my love
There was a time I was always one stop behind you
Always wondering if I was too close

You are the one
You are my only love
You are the sun
Your smile warmly embraces me
You are my love
I'm her one and only
Together forever
Stay beside me forever..

there.. i bold some of the meanings that i like.

aqilah's coming back from singapore today! finally, i have a friend to chat with. eh, what happens to Amanda Bynes ? i haven't heared anything from her yet. i want to watch her acting again. i'm going to cut my hair today! hehe. i want to cut layer and then cut until paras bahu. and then, i wanna see how it looks. ooooooo, Sam's moving TODAY! poor Michelle. dah la USA pulak tu. haiih. i hope you'll be happy there.

i wanna go shopping.