Thursday, December 3, 2009

I feel sorry

i feel sorry because of what my cousins and i did to our mothers and grandmother and also what I've done to my cousins when we were younger. the story begins like this, when we(me, aqilah and edah) were younger, we weren't really close like we are now. sometimes I'm on aqilah's side and we both fought with edah. 2 vrs 1 or sometimes I'm on edah's side, we fought with aqilah and again 2 vrs 1. every time we fight, my mother and aqilah's mother are also involved. they were protecting their daughters.

anyways, there's this one time when i was on edah's side and we were sitting out side the house. it was raya's night. suddenly mak uda came to pick adlan up. at that time i don't know why edah stand up and went into the house, since i was the youngest among us three, i can't think carefully, i just follow what the 'leader' does you know,  i was a kid. so yeah, i followed edah in the house. now that i think it back, that was mean. and that night, our mom's called me and aqilah, we were scold in the kitchen, my mom and aqilah's mom fought. how could us makes them, sisters fight with each other. mak uda was so upset that she accidentally burst out to nenek. i feel so sorry to aqilah, mak and mak uda. because of us fighting, mak and her sister fought and then because of us, mak uda accidentally burst out to her mother. weyh, kita sorry tau. really really freaking sorry. hope you will forgive me my cousin.

there is also time where i and aqilah hates edah. i don't know why the reason we hates edah. probably because we are not that close to her. like i said, we were not really close like we are now. aqilah im sorry but i have to say this. edah, we used to talk bad about you. im really really sorry! sorry sorry sorry! im sorry!!!!!!!! i used to write bad stuff about you in my diary. i also made you cry a lot. made you feel annoyed of me. made you hurt. it's just naturally me. it was a joke to me but not to you, it's just a pain to you. so i'm sorry. there's time where i get annoyed by you but that's because you are loud but that's just you and sometimes its funny. i hope you will forgive me too because i still want to wrestle with you.

i am sorry to you for what I've done with the other you.
i was a kid. i cant think straight.

now, i feel free.
i hope. 

ps: my mom says my english is terrible. kehkehkeh
in anyway, i hope you'll understand what i want you to understand.