Friday, December 4, 2009

there is a reason for everything...

Aqilah is not onlining. i think because she's on the way to Singapore... ?? did you bring your laptop with you ? hope you did because i'm freaking bored. i have no one to chat with right now, later and so on until you come back from Singapore. all i do is listen to Epik High, being sad about Tablo's wedding and still admiring Eunhyuk like maniac. i watched Love and Obsession just now. the 'princess' died. she said, there is a reason for everything. are there any reason for me being a total coward. i wish i'd knew. isk. the video for chun@youtube isn't done yet. i've only download 5 videos out of 15 videos. maybe next week baru siap. i want to finish it before going to penang. at this part of time, how i wish i have a laptop so i could bring it to penang and continue doing there. there is also Why I Like You's video english subbed and also romaji subbed requested by siwonlove@youtube but i think i should recommend her maggie's video that maggie did so i don't have to do it. keh keh keh. maggie needs viewers too. okay, this is all what i want to express right now :)

romaji : ken cha nayo ? cause i understand.
english translation : are you alright ? because i understand.

aghh! that's Tablo's line!
keh keh keh

ps : all the youtubers names are fake :D
only some part of it is real.