Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh Yeah.

Yes. I am back! Oh yeah! I miss everything here... except house chores -.- It's not like I hate living in Penang but I have the rights to at least miss the house I was raised at right ? Keh keh keh. I didn't have the chance to swim there o_o. Wow. I had red lights. Alaah, I want to swim. Just now MIGHT be the last time I'll ever stay there. That saddens me the most. Shheezz, I hope not. I still wants to go to Queensbay though.

I'm uploading all my pictures on this comp to some sites I have. To keep it safe, you know ? I have this vission about this computer will get jam and all the folders will be deleted. It happened before. My songs, was deleted.

Yesterday night, I had a dream. The dream was like this;
Nenek andak buat kenduri. We all went to KL. I don't know the reasons actually. So, Aqilah, Edah and I woke up in this house. Demi came out of a room. I asked her, "you dgn siapa tadi ?" she answered "Yong". So I replied "Ohh" and had fallen asleep back. lol. And then we all went to Nenek Andak's house. All my brothers was wearing baju melayu except me. I was wearing pajamas. I asked Aqilah, "why are they wearing baju melayu/baju kurung ?", she answered "because it's a kenduri -.-" and I was like, "nobody tells me its a kenduri!".

So that was my dream. weird eh. Actually, Demi and Yong was a contractor. He he he.

Yeah that's all.