Sunday, December 6, 2009

tummy ache

went to taiping sentral just now because abah wants to go to the AiComputers to watch those computer stuff. i am now watching Otai. damn funny ouh. just now i watched step brothers, lagi funny!

i have tummy ache. i feel like puking (the feeling like you didn't eat anything). so i ate. i ate 3 pieces of breads, i feels like puking too. so in the end, either i eat or not, it feels like the same. i want to puke. help me.

i bought i new earrings. the color's black. mak bought it for me. abah keeps talking about moving to KL. he got offer there remember ? and then, abah said IF we want to move there, mak will transfer there too. its not a serious matter though but IF we want to move there, we can.

next Friday we're going to PENANG! yeah baby! then abah said we're going to the gym there. that place is so full of privacy babe. aqilah, why don't we one day, duduk dkt penang kita dua je and then mandi swimming pool, pergi gym sebab gym tu tiada siapa. jadi biar kita je pergi. kehkeh. and then maybe pergi tmpt dance tu, awak boleh tgk cermin and dance. and then we boleh jalan pergi queensbay tgk wayang or pergi FOS or reject shop or speedy. queensbay tu dkt je. yeah yeah. tu je yang ada kat situ. maybe ajak edah sekali.

man, i like to dream. means what my friends says are true. i like to dream. i dream a lot. i dream about things that CAN happen but WON'T happen.


love, love, love,