Saturday, October 3, 2009

a black jeans and a black shirt

have you peeps heard the song Send It On ?? i've only heard the song without watching the video but i;ve watched it just now and i think Nick Jonas is a playboy. he likes Demi Lovato and then kissed Miley Cyrus. he also likes Selena Gomez and also kissed Miley Cyrus, again. so its like, he likes Demi which is Selena's best friend and had a secret relationship with Miley and then likes Selena Gomez and also had a secret relationship with Miley Cyrus too. its complicated, i understand if you don't understand this. i have broken english pon.but the cutest part is that when Joe Jonas' part's lyric is "with you.." he looked at Demi. ahh so cute!

anyways, i had branch at flemington hotel. that hotel's food sucks! buek! wouldnt it be great by just eating at legend hotel ?? sheex. the spaghetti was not good. everthing wasnt good except they're milo.

i wore my new baju raya. the black and white stripes with the black vest tuu. :D

i watched Intimate note. Aqilah, tak de pon diorang ckp Eunhyuk playboy ??????